CAM SHAFT Mini Cooper S

In order to change a car's visual identity, more and more the foil wrapping gains acceptance as low cost alternative for painting. One of the uncontested masters in fields of Premium Car Wrapping is the CAM SHAFT company of Kempen, Germany, on the Lower Rhine.
This time, the subject of experience is a Mini Cooper S with 184 serial HP. The "Bavarian Briton" has been subjected to a two color complete wrapping: Up to the waistline in shiny orange, by the way, this is a single unit special PWF color with pearl effect by Bruxsafol (, and colons, roof and chrome parts in glossy black. The flared wheel arches get a mat black contrast by CAM SHAFT. The price for this new outfit amounts up to about 1,900 Euro.

2014 CAM SHAFT Mini Cooper S Front Angle
But because CAM SHAFT is "incidentally" PP performance center for NRW, the Mini could not simply leave the court just like that. It got furthermore a PP performance uprating by company own software optimization and modified air inlet with sports air filter. Beyond that, the Mini is now equipped by a complete exhaust system including sports cat, down pipe and valve commanded axle back exhaust with remote control, made by the Osterburken HPerformance company ( The latter gives together with the PP-Performance modification 240 HP. The axle back exhaust with valve, remote control and assembly values 1,899 Euro and comes along with ECE test mark!
Concerning the driving dynamics, there are especially to be mentioned the V2 KW coilovers, installed by CAM SHAFT, which in its turn is good for the driving dynamics of the Mini, reducing its rolling inclination in sharp bends, and a really predestined for the Mini tire-wheel-combination. The latter consists in very light and glossy black powder coated ATS aluminum rims in 7,5x17" with Toyo semi slicks in 215/45-17 coming from Wheelscompany (, the Hanseatic professional in these fields.


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