Citroen DS5

New DS5 is defined by its avant-garde styling. It combines dynamic performance, refinement and attention to detail with a range of advanced technologies. It embodies all the attributes of present and future DS vehicles.

This DS flagship model introduces the brand's stand-alone identity, gains an impressive new front end and numerous other revisions that make it a true DS.

Alongside New DS5's additional features, such as the sculpted, vertical grille with the DS monogramme in the centre, the Xenon Full LED headlights, a new touchdrive interface and a new range of high-performance engines, New DS5 maintains all the qualities it is already renowned for. These qualities include exterior lines that defy convention, an exceptional interior and exterior design with refinement in every detail and the model's characteristic 'cockpit' driving position.

2016 Citroen DS5 Front Angle

From Europe to China, DS5 has made an impression on the motoring public. New DS5 is setting its sights even higher with a new front end, styling that remains avant-garde, attention to detail throughout, driving behaviour worthy of a DS and advanced technology in both design and function.

Hybrid 4X4 Diesel

DS5 was the first vehicle to feature diesel hybrid technology and New DS5 will continue to be available with this drivetrain. This version combines the performance of an HDi diesel engine with the benefits of an electric motor. The Hybrid 4x4 delivers powerful driving sensations, including 200hp, four-wheel drive, electric urban drive and an accelerator boost function. CO2 emissions are sub-100g/km and fuel economy is over 80mpg on a combined cycle, rising to more than 90mpg in the city.

The Hybrid 4x4 model features a choice of four modes. The driver can select the mode required using the dial on the central console: Auto, Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV), four-wheel drive (front wheels powered by the combustion engine and rear wheels powered by the electric motor) and Sport (maximum use of the electric motor in parallel with the combustion engine).

Refinement & attention to detail, key values of DS

The watchwords for DS are refinement and attention to detail, both on the outside and the inside of the car. A true flagship vehicle, New DS5 reflects the best of the brand's expertise and considerable thought has gone into every detail. This can be seen, for example, in the DS monogramme on the headlights, which helps to make the front end a unique creation.

Continuous attention to detail is also reflected in the use of authentic materials, such as the use of aluminium on the inside of the doors, metalwork on the gear knob and the best quality leather in the cabin. These authentic materials are always showcased in a unique and exclusive way, as illustrated by the 'watch strap' design of the leather seats. New DS5 is one of only a few cars to offer a choice of three types of leather, including semi-aniline leather, which is one of the world's finest and rarely used in the automotive industry. One DS5 in every five sold, features 'watch strap' upholstery in semi-aniline leather.

DS5 also features a new interior trim. The latest personalised interior ambience is now available with the 'watch strap' upholstery in two-tone black and deep blue, along with a new DS monogramme trim on the doors and central console.

A new body colour will also be available from launch. Called Ink Blue, the subtle shade further underlines the vehicle's identity and elegant looks.

Dynamic, relaxed handling

On the road, New DS5 delivers a dynamic, but relaxed drive. The running gear has been upgraded since the model was first launched for improved comfort. The shock absorbers gain PLV (Pre-loaded Linear Valve) technology. This technology limits sudden changes in damping force, in order to produce a more linear damping curve. At the same time, the compression stroke is longer. As a result, New DS5 soaks up bumps and dips in the road more effectively. Vibration comfort is also significantly improved by the reduction in impact noise.

Source: Citroen

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