Lancia Ypsilon ELLE

The attention drawn by the Lancia Ypsilon shows no signs of fading, confirming its status as a true icon of Italian design. Today it's the turn of the new Ypsilon ELLE, a special series manufactured in a limited edition and marketed in major European markets.

It is an original model created by Lancia in cooperation with ELLE, an emblem of femininity and modernity that each season creates and imposes a wide range of women's clothing and accessories. More than just a fashion label, it represents a unique lifestyle and a dynamic, modern and positive way of being. ELLE reflects the spirit of today's women: active and feminine, spontaneous and decisive, open to the world. With a presence in over 80 countries around the world, products bearing the ELLE label are sold by selected distribution networks and major European department stores.

2010 Lancia Ypsilon ELLE Front Angle

Lancia has identified fashion as a preferred area of marketing that represents a key element of brand positioning. The link between Lancia and fashion is clear from its products (like the Ypsilon Moda Milano, Ypsilon Versus and Musa Poltrona Frau), its adverts starring icons of Italian fashion like Stefano Gabbana and Carla Bruni, and the many industry events it sponsors. What's more, Lancia and fashion are two showcases of Italian design with shared values including talent, creativity and innovation. In other words, the ingredients that have made Italian style famous the world over.

So it seemed quite natural to combine ELLE and Ypsilon, the Lancia model directed at the same audience so conscious of fashion.
The Ypsilon ELLE sets itself apart for its many truly eye-catching features. Starting with the smart two-toned body (black and white) featuring a silkscreen on the body pillar, inspired by the covers of ELLE magazine and highlighted by the ELLE logo and the writing "Je ne saurais vivre sans Elle" imprinted on the chrome mouldings of the doors and rear bumpers. Finally, the 16" alloy wheels are in two colours (shiny black and chrome).  

The customisation of the car really shows on the inside, as demonstrated by the special upholstery in leather and Castiglio® in black and white, and features a graphic composition with the word ELLE appearing ton-sur-ton on the middle part of the seat. The upholstery is further enhanced by contrasting stitching with ice white leather piping.

The wooden finishing in ice white eco leather gives surfaces a refined touch and accentuates their strong feel. The cool colour scheme continues on the easy-chrome interior trims and central console, which features an ice white leather gear lever boot. The Ypsilon ELLE special series also comes with a special Incantesimo pink metallic body (inspired by the show car presented last year in Frankfurt), besides the two classic versions in Black and White, all with fine matching upholstery in leather and luxurious natural fibre of Castiglio® signed by ELLE and exclusive 16" two-toned alloy wheels.

Source: Lancia

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