"Cliff" reminds one of coastlines and vistas of the sea. With the eponymous alloy wheel, the renowned German wheel manufacturer AEZ has come up with an assertive and striking eye-catcher for drivers who want to combine what's special with what's perfect. The dynamic AEZ Cliff, in its eight dimensions between 16 and 21 inches, matches most vehicles. Be it a small city car like a Mini Coupé or an elegant premium car like an Audi A6/A7 or an SUV like a BMW X3, X5 or X6 – an AEZ Cliff lends them a sporty and elegant look that is always striking.

The AEZ Cliff compels with its newly interpreted cross-spoke design, with five double spokes stretching far into the flange. The design is a visually and technically perfectly harmonised interplay of spokes and centre. The latter was optimised in the development stage. The new "smart centre" by AEZ makes for an altogether more compact and detailed design. It receives its depth and 3D features through the inwardly slanted edge in the wheel bed.

2015 AEZ BMW X5 Front Angle

In its large dimensions, the wheel's "maximum concave" design make it best fit BMW SUVs, specifically the X5 und X6. This new alloy wheel's design is both in line with executive cars like an Audi A7 and a BMW 5 aside and successful compact cars like a VW Golf and Audi A3.

In 16 and 17 inches (with a 4-hole connection), the AEZ Cliff also fits chic small cars like a Mini Coupé or Mini Roadster, Opel Adam, Fiat 500 or VW up!. It makes these cool cars even better by lending them a sporty elegance.

In addition to the elegant and classy high gloss the design is also available in front- polished black. In the dimensions 20 and 21 inches Run-flat tires can be used perfectly with the new AEZ-Cliff. Thanks to the new EH2 + hump the complete Run-flat feature is given.

AEZ Cliff / AEZ Cliff dark – Data & Facts:

Dimensions (4-hole mounting): 7x16, 7x17
Dimensions (5-hole mounting): 7x16, 7x17, 8x17, 8x18, 8x19,
8.5x19, 9.5x19, 9x20, 10x21, 11.5x21 inches
Finish: high gloss / black, front polished
Construction: cast, single-piece
General Operating Permit (GOP): yes
Load: up to 1025 kg
Specials: prepared for TPMS and snow-chains

Source: AEZ

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