Fiat Bravo

A modern automobile, packed with technology, with excellent level of comfort, safety and performance. Manufactured in Brazil, the new Fiat Bravo has exceeding attributed to be a strong rival in the prestigious segment of medium hatchbacks. And it arrives to consolidate Fiat's innovative reputation, proving that evolution does not know limits.

And evolution is really its brand. Fiat Bravo arrives to please the most demanding consumer: differentiated design, cutting-edge technology, with equipment that makes it truly complete; generous internal space with a lot of sophistication; besides sportiveness, with its refined and high efficiency mechanics.

2011 Fiat Bravo Front Angle

An exactly beautiful automobile. Without doubt, the design is one of Fiat Bravo's strengths. Its aggressive and dynamic lines - inspired partly in the design of the Large Family automobiles - bear sportiveness together with the celebrated Italian design, but maintaining the new family feeling of the Fiat models.

Fiat Bravo arrives with two potent motorizations - the national 1.8 16V E.torQ with mechanical transmission or Dualogic, and the imported 1.4 T-Jet with 6-gear transmission - and three finishing versions - Essence, Absolute and T-Jet - very well equipped.

Fiat Bravo, for example, can be equipped with up to seven airbags - two frontal, two front sides, two for the protection of occupants' heads, besides one for protection of the driver's knees. With Dual Drive® electric steering, it arrives with avant-garde technology like fog lights with cornering system, NAV™ Radio, Xenon headlights, front parking sensor, folding external rearview mirrors and a new Skydome sunroof.


Aggressive, attractive, elegant, modern. The lines of Fiat Bravo reflect the most current sides of the renowned Italian design, with its own marking personality but maintaining the new family feeling of the brand's models.

This is clear on the front, based on the design of Large Family vehicles but with the Italian essence in its soul, with its sharp hood, narrow and sophisticated grill, lower air input, polyelliptical headlights in form of a drop and inclined windshield. The different planes are broken by grooves, but are complemented with harmony, in perfect balance with each other, transmitting an impression of force and immediately making clear that the model could only be integrant of the Fiat family.

The forms are aerodynamics and inclined, and the high waistline represents the stylistic continuity between the headlights and the vehicle's rear: all seems "to run" backwards, as if it is in constant movement. The curved roof ends abruptly, but its line re-emerges on the rear window until it is absorbed by the waist. The same surprising effect was obtained with the internal curvature of the windows: it is interrupted by the rear column to, immediately, resume its course on the inferior border of the rear window.

Looking at Fiat Bravo from the rear, the curved lateral line of the window creates an interesting balance with the shape of the lamps, totally curved except for the external face, which is inserted in the rear diagonally. The planes of the automobile's rear are clean and curved, with the embedded bumper.

The stylistic solutions found to define the lines of Fiat Bravo resulted not only in a beautiful automobile, but also created a spacious and airy interior, showing that, for the Fiat Style Center, form and function walk together hand in hand. The vehicle's height, for example, satisfies both the aesthetic needs and those of internal space, also offering easy access to all occupants.

Everything inside the automobile was planned to make the experience of living with it special. Materials, textures, forms, stamps and quality of finish create an elegant environment and at the same time practical. Outstanding for acoustic comfort, which received special attention to minimize noises and vibrations transmitted by the ground and by the engine and transmission assembly. They contribute, furthermore, the adopted techniques and the high quality of materials employed in the internal finish, in which the fittings between different components do not produce creaks or unpleasant noises.

2011 Fiat Bravo Interior

The seats have adequate foam to absorb vibrations. But their comfort does not end there: lumbar supports fight against fatigue, and the structure of the backrests was dimensioned so as to assure maximum safety to occupants. All have anti-summarizing structure. At the back, Fiat Bravo's seat counts on three 3-point safety belts, with winder, and three adjustable headrests. Seat and support are foldable in 40/60, allowing various combinations to expand the space for load up to 1,175 liters (with no folding, the trunk capacity is 400 liters, an excellent space for the segment).

The driver's seat has longitudinal adjustment that allows 22 adjustments. The guide has 3 degree inclination and, when taking the seat forward, it also slightly goes up. The regulation of inclination of the backrest, in turn, is continuous. Together with the regulation of height and distance of the steering wheel, the seat adjustments allow drivers of any stature to find the ideal driving position.

For the driver, it is worth the comfort, easy access to instruments and displays, a perfect driving position, total visibility. The console, for example, is driver-oriented, that is, directed towards the driver, such that he does not need to deviate his eyes from the traffic to find what he wants.

The instrument panel has meters with amber lighting - softer to the eyes in the dark - varies according to the finish's version, for example, in the T-Jet version it is equipped with the instrument panel DOT MATRIX in the presence of Blue&Me™ NAV or NAV™ Radio. The panel is complete, with speedometer, tachometer, fuel tank level indicator and water temperature indicator. The total and partial odometers, date and time and external temperature indicator are exhibited in a digital display at the center of the panel.

Various object holders expand practicality and comfort, like those present on the doors and on the central part. The vast glove compartment is lighted. It can also be equipped with front armrest, which leads to organization and comfort, since it embeds a refrigerated compartment for cans and bottles.

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