G-POWER 3series E90

G-POWER, the guarantor for high-value BMW tuning for 3 decades, introduce their latest products at the Essen Motor Show. Inter alia the new wheel design "SILVERSTONE DIAMOND" skillfully unifying innovation with emotion. It is perfectly tailored to the current BMW automobiles. Additionally, G-POWER present their new tuning program for the 3series BMW E90.

G-POWER G3 – complete program for the 3series E90

The current 3series BMW to date is indisputably the pinnacle in the development of sporty medium-class sedans. Nevertheless, it still leaves plenty of scope for intensive optimizations à la G-POWER regarding design and engine. At the Essen Motor Show 2006, the BMW tuners from Brunsbüttel showcase their new, unobtrusive sporty aerodynamic program and their comprehensive rim program. In addition, G-POWER offer also numerous options for engine tuning and technical improvements.

Expressive appearance with G-POWER HIGHLINE design

"Fine feathers make fine birds" – despite the already stylish looks of the standard 3series, the appearance of this Sedan is becoming considerably more dynamic by the new G-POWER HIGHLINE KIT. All components are produced at the tuner's own plant "CFKtec Brunsbüttel" in "hybrid" technology (GRP with carbon reinforcement). The HIGHLINE KIT comprises the front bumper, side skirts (upon request with underfloor/ground lights), rear bumper, trunk attachment or roof spoiler (for Sports Wagon version), which are complemented by the carbon-fibre front lip and transparent-coat rear diffusor.

2006 G-POWER 3series E90

Everything standing and driving on brandnew G-POWER "SILVERSTONE  DIAMOND"  wheels

The new G-POWER wheel for the world of BMW. The "graphite" coated wheel star with brightly shining, "diamond-cut" front surfaces has a fascinatingly dynamic effect and is perfectly harmonizing with the BMW outer colours.

The wheel builds up an extraordinarily high valuation even if one gets a glimpse of. Conveniently singling out from the mass every BMW equipped with it. A solitaire attracting full attention.

The right wheel can provide every BMW with a completely new character. Who decides for the SILVERSTONE DIAMOND wheel coming from G-POWER acquires a timeless perfect masterpiece of latest technology. An impressive wheel with an entirely independent, absolutely new optic drop-centre design of "another kind".

With this new, for G-POWER protected rim design, a pure BMW wheel was generated being exclusively adjusted to the BMW brake outlines.
By the so optimized space relations not only the additional brake deaeration could be improved, but these G-POWER SILVERSTONE wheels are presently unique in the wheel area especially in features and constrution.

Since the new G-POWER SILVERSTONE wheel is already now in possession of the emergency features ("runflat"-approval) demanded by BMW combined with the approved tyres! Further advantage – the weight of the wheel is lower than that of the M-technology wheels mounted ex-factory.

The decreased unsprung masses noticably emphasize the comfort impression, especially in connection with tyres in 25 until 35 profiles!

The wheel is manufactured – in extraordinarily designed 10 double-spoke "drop-centre" appearance – in OE-manufacturer quality "Made in Germany"! The G3 330i Sports Wagon is equipped with 9.0x20 with 245/30ZR20 in the front and 10.0x20 in the rear with 285/25 ZR 20, Michelin or Dunlop. The optically outstanding multisectional structure is underlined by original high-grade steel screw connections.

Power arising from displacement

In regards of engine tuning, G-POWER profits of the experience collected since 1971. For the 3series, G-POWER offer performance upgraded four- and six-cylinder up to 3.3 l cubic capacity. Individual customer desires are fulfilled! The fair-3series was classically performance-upgraded to 310hp, 352Nm torque, by a displacement increase to 3165ccm.

A performance upgrade by displacement increase consists of the following actions:

Use of a special crankshaft and an extended bore in connection with corresponding pistons. At the same time, the suction as well as the exhaust area are stream-technically smoothed and optimized. Then the displacement-respective adjustment by two special camshafts takes place. Furthermore, we use bigger valves. Then, the entire engine management is readjusted and optimized.

To finalize, we always recommend – as also installed in this automobile – a G-POWER sport exhaust system being designed for the performance, in order not to disable the optimum performance evolvement by a possibly "laced up" series exhaust. Regardless the sound going with the now new car.

Performance is requires control

Designed for the performances are the G-POWER suspensions being intensively tested on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and thus carrying racing genes. The program is ranging from suspension springs (30 until 50 mm lowering) up to height-adjustable G-POWER RS spring strut suspensions and much more. The fair-3series has a RS spring strut suspension.

G-POWER sound  - the sound makes the music – and here also the smoke!
Soundtuning is obligatory at G-POWER. The exhaust program guarantees full sound of stainless-steel partial or full systems with 2 or 4 pipes whilst providing attractive optic. G-POWER exhaust systems are stream-optimized and take care of a better response to accelerating demands. The fair-3series was following our recommendations optimally adjusted to the performance plus by equipping it with front and rear silencer. The left/right 4-trim system with 4 x 76 mm HIGHLINE stainless-steel solid trims give the rear section a powerful looking with the inspiring G-POWER Deeptone sound.

Getting in is a sheer joy – when the interior has been styled with G-POWER accessories

The G-POWER designers went in conformity with the demand "less is more" by effectively, and at the same time simply but however emotionally, upvalueing the interior by the specially developed full-carbon equipment from dashboard, via steering wheel covering and handle bars, up to the centre console.

Source: G-POWER

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