G-POWER G6 V8 Coupe 5.2 K

Ever since making its debut back in 2004, the BMW 6series Coupé E63 has livened up the wish list of many solvent sportive individualists. The creators of this automobile dream made sure that even just looking at this exiting luxury Coupé sets the pulse racing… Nevertheless, BMW has still left plenty of scope for further refinements by creative-minded stylists from the tuning scene. Consequently, G-POWER, the BMW specialist from way up north, is now presenting its interpretation of the theme "What men dream of" to the public. The version of this limousine to emerge from this undertaking clearly highlights the discreet - and yet perhaps particularly for this reason - breathtaking beauty of the design created by the G-POWER styling team. In their version, the ideas taken from the original have quite literally been "perfectly shaped". Can anyone improve on this? - We think not.

For more than 23 years, the name G-POWER has been synonymous with performance and design. True to the motto of FIRST CLASS PERFORMANCE, this G-POWER G6 serves up precision tuning to satisfy even the most ambitious and discerning of drivers. At the same time, this latest interpretation of the G6 Coupé "HIGHLINE" V8 5.2 K caters to every request in terms of "design and performance".

The G-POWER G6 V8 Coupé 5.2 K– more beautiful -  faster -  G-POWER

With its interpretation of the V8 engine, G-POWER delivers a power machine that purrs like a kitten and which accentuates the silky characteristics of the original engine. The 367 hp generated with 490 Nm by the original engine are already enough to rave about! However, the classic engine conversion implemented by the engineers at G-POWER, which includes the pistons, the valves, the camshafts and the suction area, besides exhaust flow optimization SPEEDFLOW, adds the icing on the cake in connection with the EVO II supercharging! Furthermore, the "hanseatics" under the BMW-tuners are heating up: With brute power and although cultivatedly, the 5.2l results in 550 hp at 5750 rpm as well as 750 Nm at 4280 r.p.m. When combined with the easy-to-shift automatic gearbox adapted to this power, this hot rod from Brunsbüttel flies in just 4.5 seconds to a speed of 100, reaching an impressive top speed of 330 km/h, up to electronic restriction. This bolide from way up North definitely leaves the standard M6 behind in terms of acceleration, stroke as well as top speed! A power cure really agreeing with the "only" V8!

And – also the cruising range until the next stop at the filling station is conveniently prolonged by the moderate consumption of average 13.4l per 100 km. That will result in noticable time and money advantage on long distances!

2006 G-POWER G6 V8 Coupe 5.2 K

Impressive appearance with G-POWER HIGHLINE design

Less is not always more. Thus, G-POWER designers and technicians developed an aerodynamic package of a very special kind for the new 6series range – the line "G-POWER HIGHLINE".

The declared aim of the G-POWER "car fanatics" was, not to simply deliver attachment parts, but to perfectionize the already gorgeous looking of the original. For a unique appearance of the elegant, the individual and incomparable automobiles on the stage. The aerodynamic kit comprises the bumpers, side skirts and the distinctive hatchback inset characterizing the brand-unique G-POWER line. The parts are manufactured in the company-own subsidiary CFKtec in Brunsbüttel according to highest standards. For the production of the aerodynamic parts, G-POWER exclusively uses hybrid materials with carbon reinforcement - therefore a low weight and best durability are provided whilst the fitting accuracy complies with OEM quality.

G-POWER sound – the sound makes the music

The reaer of the G6 is dominated by 2 newly devleoped oval stainless-steel tailpipes. The new tailpipe construction avoids to a large extend unaesthetic heat-discolourings. The particularly for the 6series V8 5.2 K developed exhaust system impresses by its sporty, sonorous sound and accentuates the power of the V8 by a distinctive sound. Contrary to series, the exhaust back pressure and pipe conduction, inter alia headers and sport catalysts, was extensively optimized by the G-POWER streamline system SPEEDFLOW in order to realize the really inspiring output of 550 hp and especially also the high torque.

Everything standing and driving on brandnew G-POWER "SILVERSTONE  DIAMOND"  wheels

The new G-POWER wheel for the world of BMW. The "graphite" coated wheel star with brightly shining, "diamond-cut" front surfaces has a fascinatingly dynamic effect and is perfectly harmonizing with the BMW outer colours.

The wheel builds up an extraordinarily high valuation even if one gets a glimpse of. Conveniently singling out from the mass every BMW equipped with it. The right wheel can provide every BMW with a completely new character. Who decides for the SILVERSTONE DIAMOND wheel coming from G-POWER acquires a timeless perfect masterpiece of latest technology. An impressive wheel with an entirely independent, absolutely new optic drop-centre design of "another kind".

With this new, for G-POWER protected rim design, a pure BMW wheel was generated being exclusively adjusted to the BMW brake outlines.
By the so optimized space relations not only the additional brake deaeration could be improved, but these G-POWER SILVERSTONE wheels are presently unique in the wheel area especially in features and constrution.

Since the new G-POWER SILVERSTONE wheel is already now in possession of the emergency features ("runflat"-approval) demanded by BMW combined with the approved tyres! Further advantage – the weight of the wheel is lower than that of the M-technology wheels mounted ex-factory.

The decreased unsprung masses noticably emphasize the comfort impression, especially in connection with tyres in 25 until 35 profiles!

The wheel is manufactured – in extraordinarily designed 10 double-spoke "drop-centre" appearance – in OE-manufacturer quality "Made in Germany"! The G6 V8 5.2 K is equipped with 9.5x21 with 255/30ZR21 in the front and 10.5x21 in the rear with 295/25ZR21 Michelin or Dunlop. Alternatively, 20 inch wheels are possible! The optically outstanding multisectional structure is underlined by original high-grade steel screw connections.

Performance requires control

In order to recatch the demanded forces, G-POWER provided the bolide with high-tech brakes G400 in the front and G345 in the rear, to meet highest requirements in loading capacity and fading stability. That means for the G6 V8 – driver an absolute novum of safety at top speeds far beyond the 300km/h-limit. This brake is an experience of its own, the safety of the almost unbelievable deceleration generates pleasant anticipation to the next acceleration-/braking-cycle! Once more underlined by the G-POWER RS spring strut suspension not missing the driving comfort despite motorsports capabilities!

Last but not least – the interior

The G-POWER designers went in conformity with the demand "less is more" by effectively, and at the same time simply but however emotionally, upvalueing the interior by the specially developed full-carbon equipment from dashboard, via steering wheel covering and handle bars, up to the centre console.

Source: G-POWER

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