GeigerCars Dodge RAM 1500 V6 EcoDiesel

With the powerful Dodge RAM 1500 3.0l V6 EcoDiesel and the hardly less impressive Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD, the US-Car specialists of from Munich have two equally powerful and efficient US-boys in their range. Now once again increases their power with an in-house performance increase!

  • Performance increase by up to 40 PS / 62 Nm for the 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel
  • Software optimisation for 1,599 Euro
  • TÜV parts expert report on request

The modern 3.0-litres-V6-common-rail turbo diesel unit is very powerful ex works already, at 241 PS and 569 Nm in the Dodge RAM 1500, or  250 PS and 570 Nm in the Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD. This wasn't quite enough yet for the power-spoiled US-Car exports from They give the 24-valve engine in both vehicles a power plus of up to 40 PS and 62 Nm via software optimisation.
In the Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel 3.0, the maximum speed is increased from 202 to 223 km/h by software optimisation, while the Vmax of the powerful Dodge RAM 1500 3.0l V6 EcoDiesel is increased to 190 km/h.

2014 GeigerCars Dodge RAM 1500 V6 EcoDiesel Front Angle

The price for diesel tuning by is 1,599 Euro. On request, they may be entered in the vehicle documents and/or a performance measurement can be performed.  

Additionally, of course offers similar performance increases for other models from the portfolios of Chrysler and Jeep as well.

Technical data

Dodge RAM 1500 3.0 l V6 EcoDiesel

  • Motor: V6-turbo diesel
  • Displacement: 2,988 ccm
  • Output: 177 kW (241 PS)
  • Torque: 569 Nm
  • Gear: 8-gear automatic transmission
  • Consumption combined: 10.2 l (diesel)
  • Co2 combined 267 g/km
  • Pollutant class: G

Basic price: 49,900 € and up

Source: GeigerCars

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