Mansory Aston Martin Vanquish S

Aston Martin Vanquish S, tradition & high end associate to a breathtaking symbiosis, without a doubt we are talking about the admiral of the Aston Martin family.

The frontspoiler comes with aerodynamic carbonfibre trims left/right and a adaptive 4-line grilleelement, similar to the new 6-line lightweight main radiator grille. BREMBO brakes with dimensions of 405/32 rotordiscs with 6 piston calibers for the front and for the rear dimensions of 405/28 with 4 piston calibers and a integrated handbrake system.

2005 Mansory Aston Martin Vanquish S Front Angle

The MANSORY light alloy range for Vanquish consist the gigantic fully forged Aluminium leightweight performance wheels with dimensions in front like 9x20J with accordant 275/40/20 high performance tyres and for the rear 10.5x20J by unbelievable 315/35/20 tyres.

Continuative the sporty light weight alloy set in dimensions for the front like 9x20J wheels with accordant 255/35/20 high performance tyres and for the rear 10.5x20J with 285/30/20 tyres. Likewise the side skirts amend the aerodynamic and let the car looks much more deeper. Yet another typical detail are the integrated carbon flanks with air intakes behind of them, identic to all the modified range.

The rear design shows the apron with an gigantic integrated carbon diffusor and again a step more sportier the rear trunk lid spoiler which supporting the dynamic contact pressure. The chromed details are the new designed exhausts, chrome stripes for the trunk and rounded fully chromed trims like for the tail light rims. Like all models also new for the Vanquish the extra large anodized aluminium air outtakes on the engine bonnet, they are toping the exterior in this look really off. Also new the suspension lowering with sport performance springs, the complete vehicle comes down 25mm ( approx.: 1 inch).

Colored sporty leather combinations for seats, door covers and the dashboard. As a matter of course beside steering wheel, carbonfibre trim equipment like Vantage and DB9 the 3-part set of aluminium pedals and brake handle.

Source: Mansory

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