MANSORY Ferrari 458 Italia Siracusa

Named after the historic race track on Sicily, this hot blooded Italian rolls onto the fairground stage of the Frankfurt Motor Show – manufactured in the German city of Brand, the MANSORY Design and Holding GmbH headquarters. The MANSORY Siracusa is based on the Ferrari 458 Italia. Apart from more performance and a boosted appearance, mainly the weight of the automobile was diminished.

Already in the serial Ferrari, the ultra-light and high-strength material carbon is used abundantly. And MANSORY continues to apply this line with the Siracusa by making carbon the main material of all body components. Each single element of the aerodynamic design is manufactured in perfect surface quality and exactly fitted to the automobile.

2011 MANSORY Ferrari 458 Italia Siracusa Front

The main eye catcher of the new Siracusa front is the striking apron with its optimised air inlets for a better ventilation of the front coolers. In combination with the new bonnet, MANSORY does not only create an aggressive look, but also generates additional downforce. At the sides, newly designed side skirts are added. These calm down the air flow between the axles and provide additional cooling air to the engine compartment through integrated ducts. The diffuser which is fitted into the new back skirt stabilises the rear during high velocities and in connection with the rear wing, generates contact pressure at the rear axle. The body kit is completed with MANSORY carbon blades which replace the rear window. Compared to the serial Ferrari 458 Italia, the refining specialist saves 60 kilogramme weight due to its autoclave carbon components.

But the MANSORY Siracusa does not only convince with its fascinating design. As a result from an optimised engine management, a sports air filter and a sports exhaust system, not only the engine performance, but also the acceleration increases significantly. Owing to 590 hp / 434 kW and 560 Nm, the eight cylinder car accelerates in breathtaking 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The top speed is 330 km, higher than with the basic Ferrari model.

The carriage components in the Siracusa are especially adjusted to the improved engine performance and the dynamic driving behaviour. These consist of four sports anti-shocks combined with progressively winded lowering springs. Therefore, the centre of gravity is lowered by 20 millimetres compared to the serial model.

As a perfect wheel-tyre combination, MANSORY adds forged rims with central locking in the dimensions  9 x 20 and 11 x 21 with Michelin PS2 tyres measuring  245/35 ZR20 at the front axle and 305/30 ZR21 at the rear axle.

2011 MANSORY Ferrari 458 Italia Siracusa Interior

Also the interior is enhanced with the MANSORY refining kit. The MANSORY upholstery department stylishly combines most precious materials such as most delicate leather, ultra-suede and carbon. The leather which is processed with masterly skill is very endurable and still extraordinarily soft. The characteristic natural product with its special grain and the masterly perfected decorative stitches render an extravagant impression around the newly designed centre console. Another highlight is the newly developed full size airbag sports steering wheel and the aluminium pedals. MANSORY achieves the perfect symbiosis between dynamic functionality and luxurious atmosphere.


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