Mansory Bentley Continental GT Race

Deeply rooted in the MANSORY philosophy is the motto, to continually provide automotive masterpieces. With the MANSORY GT Race based on the Bentley Continental GT, the Bavarian luxury manufacturer has once again placed such a masterpiece into the spotlight. Profound changes to the bodywork, engine and interior were made which clearly support the sporting ambitions of the Coupé.

Especially seen in the body package, it is clear that the designers at MANSORY have drawn inspiration from the world of motor sports: In addition to design elements such as the ultra light hood with exposed carbon fibre or the specially designed daytime driving lights, targeted design interventions provide for an increase in aerodynamics and weight optimisation.

2015 Mansory Bentley Continental GT Race Front Angle

No other company in the market is as closely linked to the use of carbon fibre as MANSORY. These specialists manufacture and process this ultra-light, extremely strong material taken from the world of motorsport in their own in-house autoclaves, which means they don't have to rely on suppliers. This gives them complete freedom in the scope, fit and design of components.

Whether doors, front or rear bumpers, side mirror housings or the width increasing fenders - all body components are shaped and cured under high pressure and high temperatures in an autoclave. The advantages of this high-tech method are proven: Especially acceleration is improved due to the weight reduction of the car. In addition, the newly designed side skirt's smooth the airflow between both axles. In combination with the diffuser the GT3 wing profile gives more downforce on the rear axle

The thus gained agility and handling characteristics create room for more power. It is here that MANSORY brings its expertise and Know-How into play. The heart of a MANSORY complete rebuild is powerful performance. The extent of the upgrades include a high performance exhaust system, new pistons, connecting rods, camshaft, turbocharger, intercooler, new engine and transmission management, as well as a sport air filter with higher air flow . The interplay of these components results in an output of about 1001 hp / 736 kW at 6,000 rpm (Series: 567 hp / 423 kW at 6,000 rpm). At the same time grows an imposing 1,200 Nm of maximum torque, which is available at 2,100 rpm (Series: 700 Nm at 1,700). After the modification, the maximum speed is 330 km/h. Acceleration from zero to 100 is achieved in 3.9 seconds.

2015 Mansory Bentley Continental GT Race Interior

Matching for the new dynamic presence of the Bentley, MANSORY equips the GTRace with distinctive alloy wheels. Through the production with forging technology, these wheels are lightweight and robust. The used wheel-tire size combination is 10x22 inches with the tires measuring 295/30ZR22.

Even the interior benefits from MANSORY refining: The upholsterers at MANSORY stylishly combine precious materials like the finest leather, Alcantara, and greencoloured carbon fibre. The leather, processed by a masters hand is especially durable and yet exceptionally soft. The characteristic natural products with their special appearance and perfectly hand-crafted decorative seams give the newly designed speedometer an extravagant flair. Additional highlights include 100% carbon made sports seats, the newly designed airbag sports steering wheel and the pedals made of aluminium. MANSORY achieves the perfect symbiosis between dynamic sports functionality and luxurious ambience.

Source: Mansory

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