ART Mercedes-Benz GL Mammut 2

With the A.R.T. GL Mammut.2 Wide Body and the A.R.T. GL Mammut.2 Style, the Nuremberg SUV customizer now offers two full conversion variants for the GL X166, to satisfy the taste for either a little less or a little more visual sensation.

Nuremberg 17.6.2014 - The A.R.T. GL Mammut.2 Wide Body particularly impresses with its striking fender flares. The recomposed and enlarged frontend consists of a front bumper spoiler, polished stainless steel sports grille and an LED triple beam headlight set, each comprising an LED high-beam headlight, LED fog light, and an LED position light on each side. The dynamic character of the A.R.T.GL Mammut.2 Wide Body is further enhanced by the fender flarings with integrated angles for the running boards. At the rear, the rear bumper spoiler with diffusor, the stainless steel sports exhaust system with four integrated hard chrome plated 100 mm end pipes, and the distinctively tailored roof spoiler, which stylishly picks up the back-pointing lines of the body, give the vehicle an exciting new look. By contrast, the A.R.T. GL Mammut.2 Style has the same equipment but without the striking fender flarings.

2014 ART Mercedes-Benz GL Mammut 2 Front Angle

For both conversion variants, A.R.T. recommends its forged 23" PREMIUM WHEEL forgeART1 in 11x23" equipped with 305/35ZR23 tires as a suitable wheel-tire combination, or alternatively its classic PREMIUM WHEEL m onoART1 in 10x22" equipped with 305/35ZR22 tires. Thanks to a variable adapter system, both combinations can be adapted to the respective body widths.

Engine tuning: For the GL350 V6 BlueTEC power unit, A.R.T. offers a diesel power module that increases the power from the series value 258 metric hp/620Nm to 310 metric hp/700Nm. The GL500 V8 turbos are trimmed to one of 3 levels up to 550 metric hp/830Nm and the GL63 AMG engines are also trimmed to one of 3 levels, even reaching 680 metric hp/1000Nm.

A.R.T refines the interior with customized, stylish two-tone Napa and Alcantara covers, with contrasting stitching, artistically worked diamond quilting and a bicolored roof liner. The sports steering wheel impresses with its extravagant leather cover and ergonomic design.

Source: ART

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