Nissan Amenio Concept

The Amenio is a six-passenger, multi-purpose people carrier that takes Nissan's Modern Living concept to a new level. The Amenio is targeted at users who need a vehicle for their own individual needs but also place a high priority on flexibility. The interior is about tranquility; the exterior is all about dynamism. This sharp contrast means the Amenio is a multi-purpose people carrier that proposes a new direction in minivan philosophy.

The Amenio adopts the Modern Living concept seen successively in the Teana, Fuga and Tiida, but it is not just an extension of those models. Rather, the Amenio is distinguished by its unique expression of advanced value in a cabin design that conveys the driving pleasure without sacrificing comfort. The Modern Living concept is seen most clearly in passenger seats that capture both the form and functionality of lounge chairs. The front passenger's seat and the second-row seats slide and recline electrically, and offer stowaway leg rests, similar to those on aircraft seats. The seats are also generously proportioned to provide exceptional comfort.

2005 Nissan Amenio Concept Front Angle

The leather used for the seat coverings has a distinctly smooth surface, while the leather on the armrests has a graphically patterned texture. This combination of different surface treatment provides a suitable expression of premium quality.

While the Amenio's interior design is based on a contemporary expression with global appeal, it embodies Japanese DNA in modern forms. For example, the surface of the instrument panel combines rosewood, which is a well-known element of Japanese traditional architecture.

The grid-like pattern of the roof allows plenty of outside light to enter the cabin through the glass area. Sliding doors are fitted on both rear seat sides, and the elimination of the B-pillars creates large openings for effortless entry and exit.

In contrast to second and third-row seats that are intended for relaxation, the front seats and cockpit area feature a more functional design that is focused on the driving experience. By removing any excessive features, and by emphasizing functionality, it achieves a unified design and layout that features distinctive white-faced instruments and control switches.

The exterior projects dynamic performance - in sharp contrast to the relaxing living-room-like feel of the interior. The sporty feeling comes from the smooth, flowing silhouette, the front fender treatment that dynamically links front and sides, and the flare of the rear fenders. Also contributing to the car's sporty looks are the 20-inch wheels.

The body sides have a feeling of dynamism that flows from front to rear yet also manages to combine a sense of elegance. The ends of the front and rear bumpers feature vertical lamps. This abrupt truncation of the soft surface treatment creates a contrast that accentuates the exterior design.

The Amenio has a new telematics interface focused on near-future needs. Positioned in the center of the instrument panel is an 18-inch ultra-wide monitor that can easily be seen from any seating position. Besides being exceptionally wide, the monitor also delivers high-resolution screen images. It displays content with high legibility in an easy-to-understand format, including live point-of-interest information picked up from nearby locations in the City Browsing mode.

New features have been added to the menu to enhance the driving experience. For example, the Earth Browsing mode lets users look down from outer space at cars traveling on the Earth's surface, while the Space Browsing mode displays star constellations located in the direction in which the Amenio is traveling.

The Amenio is equipped with Nissan's Around View Monitor that displays a 360-degree view of the area around the car vehicle in real time, easy-to-understand images. Located on the dashboard, the monitor substantially reduces blind spots and is especially helpful when parking. The system is a further advancement of Nissan's pioneering Rear View Monitor and Side Blind-Spot Monitor technologies. The Around View Monitor is also featured on the Pivo concept model being shown at this year's Tokyo Motor Show.

Source: Nissan

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