Smart ForTow Konigseder

Adequate to the warmer temperatures, konigseder used the smart fortwo cabrio to set an example in times of disputed emission values and co2 taxes.

that tuning does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with large engines. It can also be expressed by the floral shaped stickers that decorate the white paint.

In contrast to the color of innocence, the body has been broadened by 3cm per side for a more aggressive appearance and for a better handling eibach sport springs have been installed.

2008 Smart ForTow Konigseder

Such large wheel arches need to be filled and therefore schmidt space wheels in 7,5 and 9,5x17 with white centers have found a new home there.

An environmental friendly concept has been also been a priority in the interior which is the reason why the floor has been planked with king carpets made out of renewable raw material.

For curious glimpses from other road users, kцnigseder front and rear spoilers convert the smart once and for all in a desired tuning object.

Source: Konigseder

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