SsangYong XLV SUV concept

The XLV is a ‘smart user interface' B-segment SUV concept featuring significantly lower CO2 emissions thanks to its hybrid system which combines a 1.6-litre diesel engine with an electric motor powered by a lithium ion battery.

XLV is the latest iteration in a series of multi-interface concepts which were first seen with the XIV-1 presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.  The XLV will become one of SsangYong's core strategic models to underpin its future growth.

290mm longer than the XIV-1 concept, XLV provides accommodation for seven passengers in an innovative 2+2+2+1 arrangement, where the seventh seat slides between the second and third rows for optimum flexibility.

Showcasing SsangYong's design philosophy of being ‘Robust, Specialty and Premium', this latest concept projects a rhythmical and dynamic exterior design aimed at appealing to the smart user who seeks individuality and practicality to support their active lifestyle.

The XLV is a genuine multi-role vehicle for both urban driving and the pursuit of outdoor leisure activities.

2014 SsangYong XLV SUV concept

Styling concept

The design of XLV has been inspired by the association of the power and dynamism of nature, and SsangYong's new design philosophy, ‘Nature born - 3 Motion', the central theme of the brand's vehicle design language that was first articulated in the XIV concept series.

SsangYong's design philosophy embraces the dignified, dynamic and rhythmical qualities of nature, while enriching the customer experience through the harmony of man, nature and the car.  At this year's Geneva International Motor Show, SsangYong introduces its latest design concept based on the theme of ‘Rhythmical Motion'.

Design characteristics

XLV stands for eXciting smart Lifestyle Vehicle, and is a car that performs the multi-role of providing not only a means of transportation but one that also offers exciting and enjoyable driving.  The XLV is inspired by the pleasure and enjoyment that nature presents, and features a rhythmical design drawing on the dynamic motion and fluidity of nature.


SsangYong's visual approach to XLV creates a robust and dynamic exterior design.  Detailed and dynamic character lines flow rhythmically to connect the rich body volume.  The front look harmonises with the grille and headlights, presenting a slim, wide image which is evident on previous XIV series concepts notably the SIV-1 and LIV-1.  This look will also be seen on subsequent models, while the wider D pillars with black detailing is a design cue seen on other concept models by SsangYong.

Spacious passenger and load areas highlight the car's practicality as well as it active sports intentions.  The two-tone black effect to the roof strengthens its sportiness while also helping to lower the overall height, while the A pillars with blackouts also create the impression of width and openness.  The sleek and dynamic design of the car's side is complemented by a black horizontal split with a two-tone effect inspired by the body of a dolphin.

The simple yet bold front, rear and strong, energetic sides embody SsangYong's robust and aesthetic design language for the future.


The interior is spacious and just as dynamic as the exterior of this concept suggests.  The functional beauty of the interior is realised by using simple design language which is the essence of this car.  The shape of a bird's wings in flight influences the dashboard and whole front area of the car's cabin, optimising the sense of inner space and creating a relaxed and comfortable environment.  Honeycombed graphics illumination on the orange red trim line is inspired by the emotion of spotting fireflies in the dark.

2014 SsangYong XLV SUV concept Interior

The 2+2+2+1 seating layout is a key feature of this car.  The seventh seat moves freely along the centre of the car affording a sense of freedom and allowing communication and space between passengers in the second and third rows of seats.  XLV is a genuine multi-role vehicle designed for both urban driving and the pursuit of leisure activities, and the free movement of this seat adds greatly to the car's multi-role function, while its soft-touch interior trim and fabric seat materials also support its eco-friendly credentials.

Roof glass

The double layer glass roof can be adjusted electronically to control its transparency, and therefore the amount of ambient light that reaches the cabin.

Using a very fine particle film sandwiched between the glass layers and adjusting the voltage means the driver can achieve the desired atmosphere by changing the level of illumination and brightness for maximum comfort.  It can also be altered to give the owner a choice of special roof graphic patterns.


The XLV produces significantly lower CO2 emissions, thanks to its 48V hybrid system that combines a 1.6-litre diesel engine and a 10kW electric motor powered by a high performance 500Wh lithium ion battery.  A CO2 level some 10% lower than its competitors has been achieved, while also making ownership, driving and refuelling extremely practical.

As a smart user interface vehicle, XLV utilises a highly advanced interactive communication system called ‘3S-Cube' (Smart-Link, Safe-Way, Special-Sense).

‘Smart-Link' updates various functions and control systems including the permanent connection to smart electronic devices, while also providing a situation awareness capability programme that gives auto cruise control, lane-keeping assistance and an automatic emergency brake system.  The ‘Safe-Way' system offers a number of features to ensure driving convenience, while ‘Special-Sense' enables the user to design their own instrument cluster information and presentation.  All three are intended to make driving enjoyable, convenient and safe.

SsangYong has embraced the very latest in automotive design to create a practical and future-looking vehicle while also taking energy efficiency and customer safety as its prime concern. An Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) of matrix LEDs completes the innovations on this car.


Model XLV
Dimensions Overall length mm 4,430
Overall width mm 1,845
Overall height mm 1,600
Wheelbase mm 2,600
48V Hybrid system Engine Diesel 1.6L
Motor 10kW
Battery 500Wh, lithium ion
CO2 g/km 98 (manual), 109 (automatic)

Source: SsangYong

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