Toyota Aygo

Urban living requires a certain kind of car that is both practical and easy to park, yet offers a unique, dynamic drive as well as a trendy design. Toyota's brand new AYGO offers all this in a stylish and eco-friendly package. Only 3405 mm long, 1615 mm wide and 1465 mm high, the AYGO is the smallest Toyota ever for Europe.

Its name stems from a combination of the two syllables 'I' and 'go', to symbolise freedom and mobility. The AYGO offers independence for a new European generation. This refers to the type of active and urban individual who likes to just get up and go, taking full advantage of an environment where borders and distances are practically inexistent. Plus, it offers a quality superior to any other car in the sub-B segment. In short, AYGO is about easy, yet dynamic, urban mobility.

The AYGO marks a new approach for Toyota at several levels. It has the potential to attract customers who are younger than the average Toyota buyer. This explains why Toyota expects 80% to 90% of the AYGO customers to be new to the brand. "We see a very positive mutual relationship between AYGO and the Toyota brand", notes Andrea Formica, Toyota Europe's Vice-President of Sales & Marketing. "AYGO brings emotional attributes to Toyota's rational values of superior quality, durability and reliability. The 'AYGO by Toyota' logo featured at the Toyota stand and to be used at dealerships throughout Europe visualises this powerful combination".

2005 Toyota Aygo Front Angle

"Furthermore, we have taken a unique approach to the Toyota AYGO's launch process and lifecycle management, different from any used for any other Toyota model before," adds Mr. Formica. The AYGO launch campaign will target several major European cities, rather than focusing on countries. Toyota also intends, through several initiatives, to keep the AYGO fashionable throughout its entire lifespan.

In total, 100,000 AYGOs will be produced each year in the Czech Republic.

'Vibrant Clarity' is the synergy of two distinct sets of values. 'Vibrant' product's forward-looking, innovative nature, and the invigorating feeling the customer gains from interacting with it. 'Clarity' stresses the importance of rationality, as well as the clear symbolism of the concept in the vehicle form.

Rejecting commonly held stereotypes that compact should only mean economical, AYGO re-defines the perceptions of what small can be. Focusing on the fun and enjoyment that only a condensed approach can achieve, the Toyota AYGO defines a new territory, independent of size and cost, by introducing new experiences in small car design.

When designing AYGO, the objective was to purify the essential elements and create value as a completely new compact car with simple and lucid styling.

In order to directly express an image of urban dynamism, the exterior has a dynamic three-dimensional low body that emphasizes the wheel flares combined with a bullet-shaped cabin. This three-dimensional structure makes the necessary elements, such as wheels and lamps, stand out even more, and their presence provides an unexpected emotional and novel aspect for an A and sub-B segment vehicle.

In addition, the shortened overhangs and cab-forward design realize a compact exterior and an unexpectedly roomy cabin space.

The front design, serving as the new face of Toyota, features a dynamic three-dimensional form that starts with the Toyota badge and is intended to enhance the forward-looking, dynamic nature of the brand and vehicle as well as increase the public's familiarity with the Toyota brand.

The interior design intends to reflect the same fun and enjoyment as the exterior. The instrument panel is compact and two-tone, to enhance the unexpectedly wide and open space. The cylinder shaped heater control unit, and simple, modern meter graphics add to the feeling of fun and enjoyment, inviting the user to look and touch, and creating a new sense of interaction between user and vehicle.

The door trim intentionally retains the colour of the exterior body panels to bring inside a more lively and sporty feel. This is reinforced by the execution of the steering wheel and gearshift lever. Steering column and meters are built as a whole, allowing the driver to combine the best steering wheel adjustment with optimal meter readability.

Toyota has introduced a new graining on the dashboard, not only emphasizing the beauty of the material, but also setting new standards in terms of scratch-resistance, clean-ability, and anti-ageing.

The modern and clean design of the seats intends to create a figure-hugging effect, inviting the driver to immediately feel as part of the car. The seat trim is not only extra durable, but also high quality.

The AYGO's interior was developed to accommodate passengers of all sizes, even the very tall. Most innovatively, meters are mounted on the steering column so that the position changes according to the steering column angle, thus improving visibility for all drivers. The AYGO impresses with the shortest overhangs among direct competitors, allowing for a much better use of interior space. The distance between front and rear hip-point is also the biggest in comparison with direct competitors.

There are plenty of handy storage spaces, including 4 door-pockets, 8 trays, 3 cup-holders, a coin case, and large vanity mirrors.

The audio system is available in 2 specifications with a standard CD player. All units come with a connection socket that allows an external device like an MP3 or mini-disc player to be plugged in. This means the driver will have complete freedom to enjoy his/her favourite urban tunes everywhere, whether driving around the coolest places in town or taking their AYGO beyond city limits.

The AYGO customer can chose between the AYGO and the upgraded AYGO+. Both come with a generous range of goodies as standard. A wide choice of options is available on the AYGO, including air-conditioning, a special safety pack and an audio system with 2 speakers and CD player. Keyless entry, power windows and central locking are added as standard on the AYGO+.

The AYGO is available in three exclusive shades at launch: Ice Blue, Anthracite Grey and Fire Red - all colours that reflect a cool, 'sporty-yet-refined', active image.

Four enhancement packs have been developed to create the ideal AYGO+ for every customer:

Sound pack - The audio CD tuner is equipped with 6 speakers (2 front, 2 rear, 2 tweeters), providing an unparalleled sound experience in the segment, especially for those who put a great tune above everything.

Sports pack - Fog lamps, integrated in the bumper, tachometer and sporty 5-spoke alloy wheels (14-inch) provide a meaner look that will allow the AYGO driver to make the difference in the 'urban jungle'.

Travel pack - Includes a glovebox bag (with dedicated CD pocket), duffle bag on wheels and rucksack, all developed together with the renowned Samsonite brand. Ideal for people always on the move, seeking to discover the world through high-quality but inexpensive travel solutions.

Mobility pack - Includes the Tom Tom AYGO: a clever and portable navigation system, easy to use thanks to its sophisticated touch-screen. This option will offer some additional goodies in a 3-year package that includes: warranty and map updates, body-coloured screen frames, and the complete integration in the dashboard with the radio unit. These will allow the AYGO drivers to navigate easily around intricate urban environments.

Toyota aims at achieving the highest impact protection score in the A segment with the AYGO. The car features Toyota's own Minimal Intrusion Cabin System (MICS), a safety structure that effectively reduces the risk of serious injury during impact. This system was previously adopted in the Avensis and Corolla Verso, both achieving 5 stars in the Euro NCAP tests.

In addition, the most modern passive safety features are available in the AYGO: eight airbags (front, side and curtain), seatbelt pretensioners for front seats, passenger airbag cut-off switch and ISOFIX system.

Although a rare feature in the segment, the AYGO offers on all its versions a seatbelt warning system (with buzzer reminder) as standard.

Toyota has aimed at achieving the segment's best pedestrian protection with the AYGO. An example is the energy-absorbing structure, adopted in the front bumper reinforcement. Once deformed, the structure will absorb the impact energy, minimising the level of leg injury.

Braking performance benefits from the latest-generation ABS system, also featuring Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD). Both features are standard across the range.

AYGO's headlights have one of the best illumination ranges in the segment.

The Toyota AYGO is a compact city car that rivals higher-segment vehicles in many areas. For instance, it features a high content of high-tensile steel, and most of the bodyshell adopts galvanised steel. In addition, the rocker panel cross-section has been enlarged, which not only favours a more solid appearance but also provides better anti-chipping protection.

Source: Toyota

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