Axon Plug-in Hybrid

Axon Automotive are UK car manufacturer, which presented theirs plug-in hybrid electric vehicle at the Milton Keynes Science Festival. The car is Full Hybrid, which means that it can be driven on petrol engine alone, electric motor alone or combination of both.

The car has very low fuel consumption, because it is almost entirely made from carbon fibre, which is used is building race cars to achieve better power-to-weight ratio. "By designing light cars and giving them good aerodynamics you can radically lower vehicle emissions," says Axon's Managing Director, Dr Steve Cousins. "As a plug-in hybrid we have no limitation on range but we can maximise the benefits of electrics day to day without the cost and weight of large batteries." he added.

2011 Axon Plug-in Hybrid Front Angle

The Axon car is a 2-seater MPV, which can be entirely recycled. It is made from carbon fibre and recycled fabrics. The most important thing of this hybrid car is that it gives just under 50g/CO2 per kilometre, which means that you will pay zero paunds road tax in the UK. The band ‘A' is below 100g/CO2 per kilometre equals zero road tax in the UK.

The first Axon cars will be put on sale in 2011 with full production in 2012. The cars will be build in small factories in UK and in Europe including Spain, France, Ireland, Denmark, and Holland.

Source: Axon Automotive

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