D2FORGED Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

We do have that thing for different finishes whether it be on the car or the wheels themselves. This time we got a gorgeous red haired Corvette Grand Sport with a set of our FMS01 wheels. Without a doubt burgundy red is a striking color for a ‘Vette and this one is further enhanced with our custom made entry level forged wheels.

Sized 20×10 and 20×12.5 these FMS01′s really showcase the pure essence of a quality forged wheel with its impressive mesh design, gorgeous wheel finish and perfect fitment, creating a clean & impressive wheel setup by all means. When looking for a quality forged setup in moderate price ranges, don't look further. Our Fixed Modular Spec will get you all you need.

Corvette Grand Sport – 20" D2FORGED FMS01 Wheels
Brushed Aluminum center / Chrome Lip / Gloss Black Inner Barrel finish

2013 D2FORGED Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Front Angle

Source: D2FORGED

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