Fiat 500

The New 500 is compact: it is 357 centimetres long, 163 centimetres wide, 149 centimetres high and has a 230 centimetre wheelbase. The design of the front and rear ends has been changed while remaining true to itself. The exterior style of the New 500 expressesall the distinctive elements which traditionally characterised the 1950 classic precursor and today reasserts its identity with more complete technical content.

The most obvious reference to the past is in the upper headlights - which are still circular but have a more dynamic slant to convey the look of a more audacious gaze - together with the lower cluster, which combines LED technology for the daytime running lights and the 'whiskers and badge' set. Today, the upper headlights implement an innovative polyellptical module for clear night vision and extra safety: its 'eyes' are always open on the road. The dipped beam headlights and direction indicators are built into the cluster. The lower light cluster integrates the main beam headlights, the daytime running lights and the LED side lights, which follow its circular profile. The effect graphically reproduces the zeros of 500. The New 500 will stand out even in the dark with its unmistakable traits.

2016 Fiat 500 Front Angle

The bonnet has preserved its enveloping shape folding down onto the sides: this typical 500 style element is complemented by the front end with the very harmonious, classic trapezoidal nose sporting the elegant chrome-plated 'whiskers'. Today, the ribbing is bolder and the auxiliary air vent is a three-dimensional grille with chrome-plated buttons on the Lounge version which adds to the agreeable appearance of the car. At the same time, robustness and strong personality are emphasised by chrome-plated badges which direct the eye to the wheel arches. In this way, the New 500 is even more expressive and has a seductive gaze.

The profile is still soft and round and gives the New 500 a cheeky look that sparks a smile of complicity when tackling congested city traffic, small spaces and frenetic lifestyles. With a characteristic appealing shape, the car has a large side window, minimum overhang and a very short bonnet. What is more, the belt is slightly inclined towards the front enhancing its robustness.

The rear end has a large characteristically shaped chrome-plated handle that is reminiscent of the number plate light of the first Fiat 500 and today fits exclusive new light clusters. It is the only car in its segment to fit 'empty' light clusters - a ring-shaped structure which lets the body colour transpire from the middle - housing the light modules shaped to follow the sinuous profile of the car body degrading from the rear window to the new bumper. In this manner, light emerges from the body drawing nothing short of a 'light tattoo'. The rear fog lights and reversing light are arranged underneath at the ends of a black or chrome-plated thin, dynamic-looking grille. This division is functional and guarantees greater light efficiency.

New design alloy rims - 15" and 16", also diamond-finished - are also available. The colour palette features 13 body paints (seven pastel, one three-coat and five metallised), featuring the new Corallo Red and Opera Burgundy. Two striking black-yellow and black-red variants are also available in combination with 'Second Skin', an exclusive customisation offered by the New 500 to satisfy the most different moods and creative needs. Everyone can tailor the 500 they want and dress it with ever new looks. Walking into a dealership will be a bit like walking into a high-end fashion house.

Elegance and innovation for timeless interiors


The interiors are all new, starting from the dashboard design: it now integrates the innovative Uconnect infotainment with 5" screen (touchscreen on Lounge) for outstanding visibility, which is harmoniously inserted in a carefully designed, ergonomic whole. As a whole, it is new and high-tech but still unmistakably 500.

The passenger compartment is still enveloping, protective and packed with small details, full of references to the past re-interpreted in a modern key and embellished with exclusive materials. In this perspective, the buttons and dome over the dashboard are redesigned, like the steering wheel: today, the controls are more versatile and complete and the chrome-plated edging adds a precious touch. More in detail, the passenger compartment of the New 500 is the epitome of complete, modern, ergonomic equipment and design inspired by the classic 500.

The steering column is characterised by concentric circle analogue instruments which provide all the necessary information to the driver at a glance: the speed is shown on the outer rim and the odometer is placed underneath. The onboard computer information, with the digital fuel gauge and coolant thermometer, appear in the middle.

2016 Fiat 500 Interior

Worth mentioning is the innovative instrument panel with 7'' TFT display (available on demand), developed in collaboration with Magneti Marelli, the international leader in the design and manufacturing of high-tech automotive systems and components. In detail, the device provides all the necessary information to the driver and expresses, once more, the 'trend-setting' spirit of this model, an icon that is always one step ahead.

The driver can monitor the data from the speedometer, odometer and trip computer simultaneously at a glance. Moreover, the central section of the display - sporting an image of the car - can be configured by choosing which trip computer data to show, such as distance travelled, instant fuel consumption, range, trip time. Highly visible are also the warning messages, such as doors open, temperature, etc. and the "GSI" (Gear Shift Indicator) system indicator, which advises when to shift gear to maximise fuel-efficiency by switching on a specific symbol.

This is all perfectly integrated with the UconnectTM 5" Radio LIVE and UconnectTM 5" Radio Nav LIVE so that the media player, telephone and navigator can share the same screen. Additionally, the LCD screen shows the Sport button activation signal on the 105 hp 0.9 TwinAir Turbo engine version.

This element together with the central console and the radio-air vent set, may be ivory or black, to enhance the requisite vintage or sporty personality of the car. Incidentally, the new instrument panel of the New 500 is the ideal combination of retro look and modern technology.

New chrome-plated accents stand out on a harmonious whole, which is pleasant to touch and to look at but is practical at the same time: there are plenty of cleverly arranged object compartments and the controls on the steering wheel are standard on all versions. Also standard are the air conditioning system and the novel air vents with parallel fins for accurate air direction and flow rate adjustment.

The upper part of the body conveys sophistication and personality underlined by the central fascia which picks up the body colour, while the lower part is super-functional with capacious new object compartments. The gear lever is positioned on the dashboard for easy operation and looks like a sophisticated mechanical component, with chrome-plated parts and an efficient knob, which can be glossy black or chrome-plated according to the versions. The set of most frequently used buttons is inspired by the warning lights and levers of the classic 500. They are easy to identify and immediate to use.

The upholstery is available in nine colour combinations. Guaranteeing all the comfort you could possibly wish, the new seats are made with even more ergonomic materials and designed to facilitate passenger access to the rear seats. Seats for the for Pop trim level include tone-on-tone Chevron patterns while those for the Lounge version feature Glen plaid with ivory, olive green or coral accents and piping, contrasting head restraints and black or ivory eco-leather crescent. Optional is black, burgundy or tobacco Frau leather upholstery with 500 logo embroidered on the crescent with contrasting ivory or light blue crescents for the burgundy seats.

The rear seat is very comfortable for two passengers and picks up the design of the front seats. What is more, the upper contour of the backrest emerges from the upper edge to provide more support and shape the backrest more ergonomically and emphasise the actually available space. On the Lounge version, the 50/50 back seat can be split and folded to adapt to all loading needs in the best way.

The new concept upholstery and panels convey the impression of authentic, outstanding quality of the model at a glance. In detail, the door panels are decorated with contrasting upholstery matching the seats and plastic structure integrating a large object compartment and the speakers. Finally, the chrome-plated hook-shaped door handles are reminiscence of a key element of the classic 500.

Furthermore, although small in size, the new model has plenty of room resulting from the clever distribution of object compartments: there are two compartments on the dashboard (one for the driver and one for the passenger), a handy compartment on passenger's side, now closed by a lid, and compartments on the door panels and on the tunnel. Finally, the boot is generous: 185 litres which can become 550 by folding the rear backrest. Furthermore, the New 500 has a low threshold to facilitate loading objects.

There is something else which you cannot see but which is immediately perceivable and appreciable: the car fits new soundproofing panels in the wheelhouse and firewall making the passenger compartment even more comfortable and silent.

Always connected with UconnectTM


The large screen of the UconnectTM system stands out in the middle of the dashboard of the New 500, between the air vents arranged lower than on the previous version. On the Pop trim level, the system includes radio, six speakers, controls on the steering wheel, AUX-IN and USB port with hands-free system and Bluetooth.

The New 500 Lounge offers UconnectTM 5" Radio LIVE touchscreen, the next frontier of infotainment, as standard equipment. This system implements a wide range of functions, like UconnectTM LIVE and music options offered as standard for five years in addition to FM/AM radio, Bluetooth hands-free system, and voice recognition. The driver can connect multimedia devices via USB or using the 3.5mm auxiliary jack or stream music via Bluetooth using a compatible smartphone. DAB digital radio is available on demand. The system is provided with SMS reader for reading text messages received on compatible telephones using 'text to speech' technology.

Uconnect TM LIVE services, which are included in the price of the car, are now making their debut on the New 500. The UconnectTM LIVE app can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play Store on a smartphone. As soon as the smartphone is connected to the New 500 Lounge, many applications can be viewed and controlled on the touchscreen of the UconnectTM system. The apps have been redesigned and adapted for use while driving to keep concentrated on the road. UconnectTM LIVE will be gradually available in many countries across Europe; today, it is available in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg on UconnectTM 5" Radio and Radio Nav for Android and iOS smartphones.

2016 Fiat 500 Display UconnectTM

UconnectTM LIVE allows direct access on the touchscreen to TuneIn Internet radio, with over 100,000 stations worldwide, Deezer Internet music, with over 35 million tracks for 'Deezer Premium' users, Reuters, to remain updated on the most recent world news, and Facebook and Twitter, to keep in touch with friends. Finally, it can also be used to access eco:Drive, the award winning driving style app which allows to slash fuel consumption by up to 16% and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions by providing driving tips in real time.

Furthermore, UconnectTM LIVE connects directly to my:Car with real time warnings, service deadline memos and an interactive owner handbook to manage car maintenance as best as possible. When a smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, the most important warnings are transferred to the UconnectTM LIVE personal account to make servicing easy as never before.

The best of TomTom connected navigation in Fiat 500

For the first time on a Fiat 500, the embedded infotainment system features the full TomTom experience with fresh maps, a superior routing engine and includes five years of TomTom's Live connected suite of services*: highly accurate world-class traffic service, live speed cameras together with weather alert and a rich local search function for Points of Interest.

"We are happy to offer to Fiat 500 drivers the best of TomTom connected navigation" said Jan-Maarten de Vries, VP Automotive Product Marketing at TomTom. "With our connected services included for five years, this is the most comprehensive package to drivers ever launched in a Fiat 500, helping to make every driver's journey faster and better informed."

The TomTom connected services, part of FCA's Uconnectâ„¢ LIVE offering, are also available on Fiat 500x and will be available on further selected models and countries across Europe.

2016 Fiat 500 TomTom Navigation Software

Environmentally friendly engines


The New 500 fits brilliant but fuel-efficient engines which are even more environment-friendly, as demonstrated by the Euro 6 type-approval. Combined with five or six speed mechanical gearboxes or a Dualogic robotised transmission, the engines line-up available at launch include the 1.2 litre 69 hp, the TwinAir 85 hp or 105 hp and the two-cylinder 1.2 litre 69 hp EasyPower (LPG/petrol).

The TwinAir 0.9 cm3 is available in two versions: 85 hp and 105 hp. Fuel consumption of the first is equal to 3.8 litres/100 km on the combined cycle with emissions lower than 90 g/km of CO2: this is a remarkable result in terms of eco-sustainability and further proof of the concrete, accessible technological solutions made available by Fiat to a very large audience to provide the best possible benefits for the environment and for the owner's pocket. In particular, the TwinAir engine stands out as a concrete example of how technology can reduce consumption and emissions, at an affordable price.

The New 500 range will be expanded after the launch with the 1.2 litre 69 hp in 'Eco' configuration and the 1.3 16v Multijet II 95 hp turbodiesel. More in detail, the first fits a smart alternator, a specific aerodynamic pack and new 14" or 15" tyres which guarantee low rolling resistance and high resistance to wear. These evolutions as a whole translate into real savings on running costs and a sustainable environment impact. One number for all: the CO2 emissions total only 99 grams per kilometre.

The New 500 is the only car in its segment, together with Panda, to offer a small diesel engine which is the best of today's engineering technology: it is the 1.3 16v Multijet II 95 hp, which emits only 89 grams of CO2 per kilometre and complies with Euro 6 standards.

Finally, to provide answers to all mobility needs, for some markets, the New 500 may be equipped with a TwinAir 0.9 65 hp aspirated engine and a 1.4 litre petrol 100 hp engine.

It is clear that the New 500 is as dedicated to the environment as its predecessor, which has been chosen for many innovative, sustainable mobility projects especially for its features. Not by chance, fleets of 500 are today the protagonists of car sharing projects in the most important Italian cities: efficient, simple and user-friendly services, which allow to live a more aware, shared use experience always under the sign of environmental respect.

2016 Fiat 500 Rear Angle

Safety and comfort at the top of its segment


Created to comply with the toughest standards, the Fiat 500 is one of the safest cars in its entire segment. The already stable, effective braking has been improved further in versions equipped with 1.2 FIRE 69 hp engine by adopting a system with oversized discs. Furthermore, the efficient, brilliant engines guarantee good pick-up and predictable behaviour on the road. In brief, the car can overcome critical situations at ease.

The New 500 is also fitted as standard with seven airbags (two front, two window bags, two side bags and one for knee protection) as standard equipment. The new model also employs the most sophisticated technical solutions to ensure that the driver is in perfect control of the car (active safety): ABS with electronic brake distribution (EBD), advanced electronic stability control (ESC), anti-slip regulation (ASR) system, the Hill Holder devices - which help the driver with hill starts - and hydraulic brake assistance (HBA) to help with emergency stops.

The New 500 is also packed with dynamic and comfort properties making it perfect to tackle all journeys comfortably and safely. These qualities are enhanced by the suspension layout: the front system is a McPherson independent configuration, while the rear suspension features interconnected (i.e. semi-independent) wheels with a torsion beam. Based on a Magneti Marelli design, both configurations have been appropriately revised and developed for the new vehicle to ensure great handling and top level driving comfort.

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