Loma Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S

Since its foundation in 2008, wheels are the absolute passion of the LOMA company in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Under creative leadership of Mario RADOSAVLJEVIC – by the way, a man with the reputation never to sleep and ever to be in contact – are manufactured forged aluminum wheels and exclusive aerodynamic hang-on parts. In order to be able to make all necessary tests in fields of racing sports and after market, the decision was a subsequent one to displace the company head quarter to Marbella – after "stopover" in the Catalan Barcelona. Near this place, the Circuito Ascari, which is popular also inside of German racing teams, is at the company's disposition.

2015 Loma Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Front Angle

The object of desire in this case is no less than a Mercedes-AMG GT S. The Chrometec company from Kleinrinderfeld gave it a special kind of wheel-tire-combination: Exclusive LOMA® of concavely designed LOMA GT1 Superlight type aluminum rims in dimensions 9.0J x 20'' and 11.0J x 21'' with piano-black outer board and star in dark titanium, visible screwing and – because of obviating the need for refilling tire gas filling – invisible valves with adequate tiring in 265/30ZR20 (94Y) XL or 305/25ZR21 (98Y) XL, respectively. Likewise, a 30 mm optical lowering was made. Finally a hint that shortly, there will be available valve exhaust system with brutal loudness and a set of carbon parts for the outer mirrors and the Interior of GT S.i

LOMA underlines not without pride to be the only manufacturer of forged rims in Europe making custom made deluxe rims. That means much less of "head ache", surely, for the interested in clientele to order such kind of rims, as to make a blind money transfer to USA without having seen the merchandise.

2015 Loma Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Rear Angle

All LOMA® forged rims for the more exclusive car class are being manufactured after the philosophy that only 100% quality and reliability lead to success, MOT-certificate as matter of course. On the other hand, wheel strength certificates of e.g. 740 kgs per rim can be increased or lowered at any time, if wished.

Besides two direct contacts in USA (New York City and Los Angeles), the uncontested good reputation of LOMA® products has lead also to a very efficient cooperation with the Porsche sports car center at the Spanish city of Marbella and with the Mercedes-AMG center BELTRAN at Barcelona.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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