Lumma Design BMW X6 CLR X6R

With its extrovert demeanour and distinctive fastback silhouette, the latest BMW X6 is the perfect base for renowned tuner, LUMMA Design, to create their spectacular Wide body CLR X6R.

With 40mm wider front and rear wheel arches, the LUMMA CLR X6R takes on a tougher, more purposeful appearance. Deeper, contoured side skirts visually connect these muscular arches, and the car's perceived length is further emphasised by the Anthracite/Black Matt design stripes bearing the LUMMA logo.

2015 Lumma Design BMW X6 CLR X6R Front Angle

The LUMMA nose treatment gives the X6R its more aggressive face. Large blacked out air intake on each side of the new bumper house the trademark LUMMA twin row fibre-optics daytime running lights, while two darkened LED fog lamps are set into the area below each intake. The full-length front splitter that forms the lowest point is designed in Cupspoiler style.

At the business end of the LUMMA CLR X6R, two large and two small centrally positioned exit pipes of the stainless steel LUMMA sport exhaust system are integrated into the extrovertly designed rear diffuser panel.

Rather than being of equal size, the outer two of these tailpipes are 100mm in diameter with the inner ones 70mm, creating an unusual and interesting visual effect. Finished in black, these pipes have the LUMMA logo laser-etched into their metal.

Rounding off the list of aerodynamic components, the LUMMA rear hatch spoiler lip and the roof panel are applied to the bodywork with strong adhesive tape. All these aerodynamic components are made in Germany from OE quality PU-RIM quality and TüV certified. A copy of this certification, which even includes a pedestrian protection test, comes with the installation instructions.

The only new body component not within the scope of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) approval is the new Sport bonnet, which is thus only offered for export. Available in either paintable GRP or ultra-light full carbon-fibre, its radical design features a pair of air intakes to dissipate engine heat faster. A direct swap with the original, the LUMMA bonnet is aimed primarily at normal X6 models.

The LUMMA rear spoiler lip, roof panel, LUMMA sports bonnet and alloy wheels are sold separately, and are suitable for the normal X6 models as well as the X6M.

Black-Smoke is the sophisticated new finish for the LUMMA CLR Racing wheels recommended for the CLR X6R. Glossy black, with spoke faces highlighted in smoked dark silver, the two-tone finish of these wheels gleams from its glossy clear coat.

2015 Lumma Design BMW X6 CLR X6R Rear Angle

Sized 10.0J and 12.0J x 22-inch front and rear respectively, these wheels are shod with 295/30R22 and 335/25R22 Vredestein tyres. If you wish to fill out the wheel arches of the LUMMA Wide body kit to the brim, LUMMA's Performance Spacers do the job nicely. To further improve handling and complete the beefier look, the ride height can be lowered by up to 40mm all round with the LUMMA sport spring kit.

A range of engine upgrades is now available for the X6 range. For instance, using the LUMMA add-on ECU for the BMW X6 xDrive50i boosts the TwinPower Turbo V8 petrol engine from 450hp/330kW and 650Nm of torque to 555 hp/408 kW, with 792Nm.

Customised interior trim is a LUMMA Design speciality, and here the only limit is your imagination. You can choose from a full range of leather colours and complementary materials like Alcantara, with trim inserts in coloured carbon-fibre and wood.

Finishing touches range from footwell and boot carpet mats with the LUMMA logo made from prime quality velour with leather piping, to sporty aluminium pedals with non-slip rubber studs. Entrance lights project the LUMMA coat of arms logo onto the tarmac when you open the doors at night.

Source: LUMMA Design

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