Mazda 6 MPS Concept

'Sophisticated high performance' is the theme of the European-designed Mazda6 MPS concept car, which marks another world premiere for Mazda in Paris. Focused on even greater driving pleasure, improved dynamics and enhanced stylishness and expression in exterior and interior design, the all-wheel-drive concept of a top-of-the-range Mazda6 is a contemporary proposition for a desirable 'Zoom-Zoom' machine.

The Mazda6 MPS concept car has been styled at Mazda's European R&D Centre in Oberursel, Germany. To reflect an atmosphere of sporty sophistication combined with powerful dynamism, the front of the car bears a new version of Mazda's five-pointed grille as well as an air intake design similar to the one featured on the RX-8 sports coupe. The enlarged front bumper and the rear spoiler both play an aerodynamic role in improving dynamic stability while enhancing the overall appearance of the concept car through their bold design. Flared wheel arches all round and 18-inch Michelin Pilot Sport tyres also underline the pronounced performance character. The sportiness of the car's body is further emphasised by a new type of paintwork called "Silver Storm" to create a high quality feel with its subtle shine.

2002 Mazda 6 MPS Concept Front Angle

The new direct-injection turbo-charged 2.3-litre engine achieves a rare blend of low emissions, excellent fuel efficiency, and high performance. Its total output of 206 kW (280ps) at 6,500rpm and maximum torque of 360Nm at 3,500rpm qualifies the Mazda6 MPS concept car as a serious driving machine, while meeting all relevant low emission regulations. In Europe, the Euro IV levels are met; in the USA and Japan the respective ULEV standards are fulfilled.

An all-new traction system is employed, effortlessly transmitting the power of the Mazda6 MPS concept car onto the road. The 4WD system used in the Mazda6 is combined here with an active torque control. The result is an electronically controlled torque-split 4WD system that is suitable for high performance cars and gives precise tyre-to-road contact even at high revs. The active torque control both front and rear ensures exceptionally smooth running and safe stability control. In addition, the torque responsive LSD (Limited Ship Differential) improves cornering ability by eliminating power loss during manoeuvring. The Mazda6 MPS concept car is also equipped with a six-speed manual transmission that makes it responsive to plenty of torque. Appropriately for a high-performance car, the shift distances have been shortened to allow fast and accurate gear changes.

The fun-to-drive spirit of 'Zoom-Zoom' culminates in the superb handling of the Mazda6 MPS concept car. In order to match the high power engine output and the extremely capable traction system, the front, high-mounted double wishbone and rear multi-link suspension have been further fine-tuned. The rigidity of all parts, including the body, has been strengthened to give sophisticated manoeuvring performance with improved response. Lightweight aluminium wheels in spoke mesh design with Michelin Pilot Sport 18-inch high-grip tyres further intensify the outstanding driving experience. In addition to the electronically controlled 4WD system, the concept car is equipped with integrated Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and ABS.

The interior has been designed with specific attention to material quality, having 'genuineness' as its theme.  Based on black, the speedometer combines deep blue and a metallic texture to express 'functional beauty'. Aluminium is used for the interior switches to create authenticity, while the high quality leather seats in a fashionable black and white colour combination give it an elegant flair. To improve convenience and to add to that sporty feel, the Mazda6 MPS comes with a keyless entry system and a simple button with which to start the engine of this sophisticated 'Zoom-Zoom' machine.

Source: Mazda

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