Mazda 2 3dCarbon

Sharing only the colorful spirit of green with its Turbo2 SEMA Show sibling, the 3dCarbon Mazda2 has an identity all its own.  Its 3dCarbon/Air Design body kit is manufactured in high-pressure polyurethane injection molding and either pre-primer or pre-painted in all-factory colors.  The customized body kit includes a front air dam, side skirts, a rear lower diffuser and Mazda2 Touring-spec upper rear spoiler. 

2011 Mazda 2 3dCarbon Front Angle

The Spirited Green Metallic paint is further styled with a vinyl graphic design courtesy of Sticky Fingers Design.  With darkly tinted windows, the small statured vehicle simply pops.  3M Color Stable Metal-Free Window Film is used on the side and rear windows while the front windshield features 3M Crystalline Nanofilm. 

An Eibach® Springs Pro-Kit improves handling as well as visual appeal.  Eighteen-inch FIVE:AD S6:F Gunmetal wheels wrapped with Yokohama 215/35R18 tires add the finishing touch.

Source: Mazda

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