Dezent Mercedes-Benz A-Class

With the new TG, DEZENT now has the "Mercedes" among alloy wheels in its portfolio. After all, this absolutely winter-proof design has been geared to what Mercedes drivers might want in terms of technology and looks in particular. The discreet and still effective five-spoke layout draws upon this globally most traditional car brand's typical look and feel, while in its details showing much sophistication and modernity. The convexly worked-in surfaces, for example, lend the struts a double-spoke character, which, in combination with the "strong" centre, makes them appear muscular and harmonious at the same time. And the interplay of concave and convex surfaces turns even the smallest dimension into a fashionable-modern eye-catcher.

2014 Dezent Mercedes-Benz A-Class Front Angle

In technical terms, the DEZENT TG is also state-of-the-art, even pioneering. As it is typical of wheels by the ALCAR Group, the wheel is ready for tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), which will be mandatory in the EU from November 2014 for new cars. Mercedes uses direct-measuring sensors, for which the DEZENT TG features the right notches. And the trendy design is also red-tape-proof: the wheel is ECE approved and has a stamped approval number for all the usual suspects (A-, B-, C-, E-class and CLA). You thus don't need any Vehicle Type Approval or entry in your car documents. Just mount the wheels and get going!

Source: DEZENT

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