Dezent Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Its special geometry makes the new DEZENT TG alloy wheel in dark especially attractive. This design, made for Mercedes models, combines a matt-black body with a polished front and thus creates figurative tension between different surface levels. The wide, dark cavities at the struts' centre lend the DEZENT TG dark what seems like double spokes. A real premium feature! Combined with the slim, polished rim flange and the compact centre this black wheel thus appears very detailed and sporty even in small dimensions. This alloy wheel is therefore the perfect partner to go with the latest Mercedes fleet's dynamic silhouettes.

2015 Dezent Mercedes-Benz C-Class Front Angle

The TG and TG dark once again demonstrate how DEZENT can make a wheel look completely unique solely by using a different surface. Technically, both surface variants are at the same level: as it is typical of all the ALCAR Group's  brands, they are well prepared for tyre pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS), which are mandatory in the EU. Mercedes uses direct-measuring systems, for which DEZENT TG and TG dark feature the right notches.

And you don't have to deal with any red tape either. For the most common sizes (A-, B-, C-,
E-Class, CLA) they are ECE-approved, with a stamped approval number, so that you don't need any Vehicle Type Approval or entry in your car documents. And as if that were not enough, DEZENT also issues a three-year warranty.

Source: DEZENT

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