RDX Racedesign Peugeot 207

French automobiles are often disregarded in the tuning business. But RDX RACEDESIGN attends to the Peugeot 207 and the 207 CC. In its usual quality, the specialist for body kits offers an entirely new robe for the compact car.

Already the RDX front spoiler confirms the perfect manufacture. Without any problem, the new component can be exchanged with the original front of all 207 models until its facelift in 2009. The price of 169 Euro including VAT includes the mounting material and the grid. Of course, the delivery includes a component part certificate by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV).

The RDX headlight blends are even easier to fit. With the enclosed assembly adhesive, the blends for only 49 Euro can be attached onto the serial lights. As the parts are already approved by the Technical Control Board, the RDX headlight blends do not have to be registered separately.

2010 RDX Racedesign Peugeot 207 Front Angle

The rear apron attachment for all 207-models except the SW, is suitable for use with the serial exhaust, but also for one- and two-sided sport exhaust systems, as it is delivered without any cuts for the end pipes. Also the RDX rear apron attachment is already approved by the Technical Control Board and therefore does not have to be registered separately. The required mounting material and the grids are already included in the price of 169 Euro.

Also the RDX side skirts are already checked by the TÜV. They can be attached to all two- and three-door 207-models including the CC. Also here, the mounting material and grids are included in the price of 169 Euro.

The RDX roof spoiler is made for all 207-models except the CC and SW. For only 99 Euro this also includes the mounting material and the component part certificate by the Technical Control Board.

RDX RACEDESIGN produces all parts in the high-quality material PU-ABS and in OEM-quality. This ensures best material stability as well as elasticity combined with light weight.

Also for the 207 body kit, RDX RACEDESIGN offers its popular RDX package prices. If you opt for the front spoiler, the side skirts and the rear apron attachment, you will receive a 10-percent discount on the individual prices.

RDX RACEDESIGN knows the quality of its own products and therefore gives a two-year-warranty for material- and production mistakes. Moreover, every customer is granted the right of withdrawal within 14 days if the components fail to please him.

Also, the international focus confirms the success of the body kit specialist RDX RACEDESIGN. The web shop with all product descriptions is not only available in German, but also in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. RDX RACEDESIGN delivers the component parts for the Peugeot 207 as well as all other mounting parts from its extensive programme at a favourable handling and shipping flat rate into more than thirty countries.

If you have further questions about the delivery programme, please do not hesitate to contact the experts by phone or e-mail. For more information about the RDX RACEDESIGN products, please visit the web site www.rdx-racedesign.com or visit one of the specialised dealers.


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