Scion Bulletproof FR-S Concept One

This supercar concept features a carbon-fibre interior, a wider handmade body and a rebuilt 370kW engine with a Borg Warner turbo and Powerhouse Amuse Turbo Kit with titanium downpipe, front pipe and full exhaust system. An Ecutek Race Rom caters for E85 or regular 91 octane fuel, while the internals have been strengthened with upgraded pistons, rods and ACL bearings. Interior materials include a vibrant red interior with Recaro steering wheel, carbon-fibre materials and race seats. An eight-point roll cage and front and rear strut tower bars are by Cusco, while an Original Runduce Racing Suspension keeps the car ready for the track.

2013 Scion Bulletproof FR-S Concept One Front Angle

Source: Scion

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