Startech Jaguar XJ Luxury Sedan

High-end refinement for a unique luxury sedan: STARTECH, a BRABUS Group company, offers an exclusive sport and accessories program for the Jaguar XJ model series. The product lineup includes a strikingly styled aerodynamic-enhancement kit, custom-tailored 21-inch forged wheels and custom refinement options for the interior.

The flat roofline that tapers off in the rear into a shape that approaches that of a fastback gives Jaguar a unique feature among luxury sedans that immediately catches the eye. The STARTECH designers have developed complementing body components that make the XJ even more unique. All aerodynamic-enhancement components are manufactured in OEM quality.

2011 Startech Jaguar XJ Luxury Sedan Front Angle

The nose of the four-door car receives some added profile with the STARTECH front attachment that is mounted to the production bumper. The component's design with generously dimensioned air inlets lends the XJ a sportier appearance while its sophisticated shape reduces lift on the front axle. LED daytime running lights integrated into the side air inlets optimize active safety in traffic.

From the sides the English luxury sedan captivates with the STARTECH element for the front fenders. Its integrated air outlets lend the Jaguar XJ a sportier outfit. Design elements for the side sills attach in front of the rear wheel arches and complement the fender elements.

An innovative STARTECH upgrade is also applied to the rear with a new fascia that has an integrated diffuser and two integrated ‘design' panels with striking STARTECH looks. They are combined with two STARTECH stainless-steel rear mufflers.

A subtle rear spoiler lip on the trunk lid creates an optimal aerodynamic balance.
To make full use of the available space in the wheel wells of the Jaguar XJ and to round out the STARTECH designer suit effectively, special version of the STARTECH Monostar J Diamond Edition wheels were developed. The three-piece forged wheels are mounted in sizes 9.0Jx21 and 10.5Jx21. They feature mirror-polished surfaces and titanium-look sections, and represent a perfect symbiosis of low weight and top quality. State-of-the-art forging technology makes these wheels especially light despite their high mechanical strength. The lower unsprung weight has positive effects on handling as do the wider high-performance tires in sizes 255/35 ZR 21 in front and 295/30 ZR 21 on the rear axle.

The British luxury automobile also offers an excellent platform for exclusive interior refinement а la STARTECH. The interior designers offer a multitude of different leather and Alcantara colors, which are masterfully transformed by the company upholstery shop into custom interiors at the highest level of craftsmanship.

2011 Startech Jaguar XJ Luxury Sedan Interior

The show car features a black exterior and a contrasting STARTECH cream-colored all-leather interior made from especially soft and breathable Mastik leather.

Two heated power business seats offer maximum comfort in the rear. A new center console with integrated storage compartments stylishly blends with the interior design. It is trimmed with the same leather used in the entire interior and features lights on either side that illuminate the floor in front of the individual rear seats.

Exquisite details are the precision-sewn seams on the dashboard and the sporty upholstery design of seats and leather flooring, which is stitched with unique precision using more than 5,000 meters of thread.
An absolute highlight that impressively demonstrates the quality of the STARTECH refinement is the elaborate wood trim for the sedan. Black, high-gloss polished piano wood was meticulously adorned by hand with ship-veneer-type inlays.

The STARTECH electronics specialists have developed a state-of-the-art multimedia system centered on an Apple iPad to give owners of a Jaguar XJ the opportunity to be always online or enjoy entertainment in the rear compartment. Electrically deployed tables, adapted perfectly to the back of the front seats with leather-trimmed consoles, feature custom-tailored recesses for the tablet computer and the Bluetooth keyboard from Apple.

A 20 MBit/s GSM modem with an antenna that has been integrated into the vehicle hidden from sight provides a high-speed internet connection via EDGE, HSDPA or HSPA+ protocols. Several passengers can communicate online at any time using a WLAN network available in and around the car.

STARTECH also offers a wide range of fancy accessories such as high-gloss polished stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit STARTECH logo and high-quality color-coordinated floor mats with leather borders. STARTECH aluminum pedals add notably sporty highlights.


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