Vorsteiner BMW E92 M3 GTRS3 Widebody

The features on the race inspired GTRS3 are designed to be extremely aggressive along the street and around a track. For those E92 M3 owners who are looking for increased traction and downforce around the circuit or in a straight line, the GTRS3 Widebody is the perfect solution. The aero kit features a full front bumper, wide arch front fenders, side skirts, wide arch rear quarter panels, boot lid, and a matching rear bumper.

The front bumper utilizes enlarged front intake ducting to direct air to the front rotors while the race stimulated front fenders boasts vertical vents to ensure air does not circulate within the wheel well. Towards the rear of the vehicle, the wide arch quarter panels houses an impressive 325 tire that works in conjunction with any force induced M3. To further aid additional downforce and traction, the rear bumper features an integrated diffuser and side vents to transition the high-velocity airflow underneath the car preventing flow separation and drag.

2014 Vorsteiner BMW E92 M3 GTRS3 Widebody Front Angle

Vorsteiner BMW E92 M3 GTRS3 Widebody:

  • Front Bumper
  • Wide Arch Front Fenders
  • Ext. Side Skirts
  • Wide Arch Rear Quarter Panels
  • Wide Arch Rear Bumper
  • Boot Lid

Source: Vorsteiner

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