ABT Seat Leon Cupra R ST

The sports car Leon CUPRA R ST didn't get its name from the stylish copper-colored details. CUPRA stands for "Cup Racing", after all SEAT has been successfully taking part in the popular touring car series TCR. The racing cars of the series produce 350 HP (257 kW) – 17 percent more than the already powerful Leon CUPRA R ST station wagon with its 300 HP (221 KW) engine and DSG 4Drive. The ABT Power boost brings the stock version of the car on par with the racing car. After installation of the separate ABT Engine Control unit, the Leon CUPRA R ST produces 440 Nm of torque instead of 400 Nm and 350 HP (257 kW). The acceleration and top-speed numbers after the upgrade are impressive. It masters the standard sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds straight and only at 260 km/h do the tractive resistance and the thrust cancel each other out.


The compact station wagon shares the engine specifications of the CUPRA Ateca ABTpresented at the end of 2018. The project was the start of a close cooperation with the new sporty car brand from SEAT. The Leon CUPRA R ST is the second project car of this collaboration and also receives more than just a power boost. The world's largest provider of automotive aftermarket and performance parts for Audi and VW also improves the suspension and outfits the car with new rims.

ABT suspensions springs bring the "station racer" closer to the road, lowering the front by 20 millimeters and the rear by 15 mm. This not only improves the look of the car but makes cornering even more fun. ABTreplaces the stock 19-inch wheels with the elegant 20-inch GR from its catalog. The rim design features ten spokes which bisect towards the rim flange, the recessed hub area and the strongly concave rim base. While the fully diamond-machined surface of the ABT SPORT GR matt black creates a high level of plasticity and delicate elegance, the ABT SPORT GR glossy black version appears more aggressive with the striking diamond-machined flange. And such a level of self-confidence is definitely appropriate with 350 HP (257 kW).

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