ABT VW Touareg

The bar was set high for the 3rd generation VW Touareg. Of course, it has become the flagship of the brand portfolio. The result received much praise in the trade press. The manageability of the full-size SUV was particularly impressive. VW has delved deep into its trick bag and alongside steering rear wheels, has also installed adaptable stabilisers that come into use as and when necessary. ABT Sportsline, the world's largest tuner of VW and Audi vehicles, found the perfect opportunity to once again boost the already ample engine performance to a new level. The foundation for the new ABT Powerperformance upgrade is the V8 TDI, which was first introduced in Spring 2019 and whose standard specification boasts 422 hp (310 kW). The Bavarian company is now entering the realm of super sports cars: Thanks to the ABT Engine Control (AEC) high-tech control unit, the engine now delivers an enormous 500 hp (368 kW). At the same time, the maximum torque is increased from 900 to 970 Nm. An extensive warranty and the appropriate certification are provided as well by the market leader.


ABT Power is also available for the standard 286 hp (210 kW) V6 diesel in the Touareg. Here, the power is increased to 330 hp (243 kW), and the maximum torque is boosted from 600 to 650 Nm. A performance upgrade is also already under development for the ‘smaller', 231 hp (170 kW) version of the 3-litre and will be available from ABT Sportslinefrom January 2020.


Equally impressive as the engine figures are the wheels available on request from ABT Sportsline – in the requisite 22-inch size throughout. The pictured vehicle in a subtle grey, for example, is transformed into a real eye-catcher by the ABT FR alloy wheels in mystic black. An exciting alternative in the same shade is provided by the ABT DR wheel. With its distinctive and flamboyant aero ring design feature, the Sport HR Aero in dark smoke is a real highlight. With the High Performance HR in shadow silver, ABT offers a more discreet but no less attractive option, manufactured by an exclusive flowforming process. Last but not least, the extremely current Sport GR is available in glossy or matt black.

It is evident that this VW Touareg bears the hallmark of ABT Sportsline, not only when the optional ABT door entry lighting projects the tuner's logo onto the street.

Gallery: ABT VW Touareg (2019)