AEZ Audi A5

In poker a "straight" is a gainful combination, with a special variant also called "wheel". On public roads, however, the new alloy wheel AEZ Straight dark is the trump card. With its special graphite matt finish it is both sporty and elegant. This premium model is also available as Straight (black/polished) or Straight shine (silver).

2015 AEZ Audi A5 Front Angle

The grey ten-spoke Straight dark design is compellingly casual even at first glance. The interplay of a matt finish and a "maximum concave" inner rim makes for an enormous visual depth. Outwardly, the flange is connected with a slight bend, a very dynamic effect when seen in combination with the one-sided edge of the struts.

And the Straight dark is also technically convincing. The range of its dimensions, for example, makes it the ideal choice for high-performance cars with a staggered fitment. The new alloy wheel is most suitable for cars by the premium manufacturers Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The AEZ Straight dark highlights the sporty and progressive A4, A5 or A6 silhouette, underscores the assertiveness of a 3, 4 or 5 Series BMW and makes the design of a C or E-class or CLS even more exciting.

Source: AEZ

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