Caterham SP/300.R

The perfect alchemy of British engineering superiority and rich motorsport heritage. The SP/300.R is all about advanced technology and high speed thrills 

As with all Caterhams, the SP/300.R has first and foremost been developed as a true driver's car. It doesn't matter how fast a car is, if it isn't rewarding to drive it will never be truly thrilling. However, the SP/300.R fuses all of Caterham's core brand values such as durability, ease of use, practicality for racing and low maintenance costs with a technologically advanced approach to research and development. It is a lightweight, minimalist product that amplifies Colin Chapman's Seven philosophy, yet conveys everything Caterham stands for today.

2011 Caterham SP/300.R Front Angle

Caterham SP/300.R
Engine: 2.0-litre Supercharged Ford Duratec
Max Power (bhp/rpm): 300 @ 7500rpm
Max Torque (lbs ft/rpm): 213 @ 7500rpm
Weight: 545kg
0-60mph: 2.80 seconds
Power-to-weight: 550bhp-per-tonne
Top speed: 180mph

Source: Caterham

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