Caterham Supersport

The Supersport features a Caterham Motorsport-tuned 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine, five-speed 'sprint' ratio gearing, lightweight flywheel and race-prepared suspension complete with CR500 Avon tyres on 13" wheels. This combination promises a raw and unadulterated driving experience – not for the faint-hearted but certainly for driving purists. Despite the car's unapologetic slant towards track driving, it is still very much at home on the road.

2011 Caterham Supersport Front Angle

The Supersport is available with both the standard chassis and the wide-bodied 'SV' chassis. The standard chassis offers the compact lightweight dimensions that have made the Seven a legend in its 50 year history.

The SV chassis gives increased interior and luggage space due to the greater width and length of the car, making it suited for extended touring or for customers over 6'2" in height. The SV also benefits from the additional stability offered by wide-track front suspension and increased range from a larger fuel tank, with only a 25kg weight penalty over the standard chassis.

Source: Caterham

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