Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat

The cats out of the bag, literally. After a long wait, we finally are able to bring you Vancouver's first Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat. This 700hp beast has been in our minds for a long long time, and it is a great feeling to see it take shape. As you can see on the exterior, we utilized the front and rear fender flares from Liberty Walk. No Liberty Walk car would be complete without bringing it straight to the ground, so we enlisted the help of Airrex.

2015 Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat Front Angle

Dropped to the pavement, the last and most important component to the build arrived; the wheels. Keeping it classy, we installed a set of twenty inch PUR LG01 with a gloss gold face and polished step lip. The traditional design and finish creates a unified balance between old and new.


  • PUR LG01, 20×11, 20×12 | Gloss Gold Face, Polished Step Lip


  • Airrex Air System


  • Liberty Walk Front Flares
  • Liberty Walk Rear Flares

Source: Liberty Walk

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