Fiat Panda 100HP

The Panda is not merely a segment A supermini but an authentic platform on which Fiat is building an entire car family with the sort of engineering and attention to detail you would expect from a higher category car. Now it's the turn of the new MY 2007 range and two brand new products to extend the family: 'Panda Panda' and Panda 100 HP.

First and foremost, the new range introduces four new body colours: Settimo Cielo Light blue (Surf Azure), Egocentrico Orange (Samba Orange), Magnetico Blue (New Orleans Blue) and Spumeggiante Beige (Cumbia Beige). As far as the Panda is concerned, colour is not just a matter of superficial looks but an integral part of a product philosophy based on personality, flair and style. No changes have been made to the model's original, dynamic shape - which almost amounts to a small SUV - so much appreciated by customers throughout the world. The Panda Model Year 2007 complements these lines with a stylish dark grey facia and new interiors featuring brand new colours and fabrics: all this authenticates the impression of great quality that the model conveys at first glance.

2007 Fiat Panda 100HP Front Angle

The Panda Model Year 2007 is a personality-packed car, substantial and good looking with attributes and values that are encoded in Fiat's DNA. The credit goes to a design that has generated a car of compact external dimensions gifted with the level of comfort we now expect from larger cars. Designed to be thrifty with fuel but no less lively for that. Ideal in city traffic but at the same time eager to tackle longer journeys, with the guarantee of a relaxing drive for passengers at all times. All these features make the Panda Model Year 2007 a fun pint-sized car that also represents fantastic value for money with its winning package of features, low running costs and high resale value. Other pluses include state-of-the-art features and sophisticated hi-tech solutions. The Panda is also responsible for introducing a host of devices that have never previously been seen in this market band: for example, this car is the first in its segment to introduce the groundbreaking 70 bhp 1.3 16v Multijet, a robotised sequential manual gearbox (Dualogic), the sophisticated ESP system, the DPF device and an innovative permanent four wheel drive system with two differentials and a viscous coupling. The Panda family puts an end to the age of faceless mass production as far as superminis are concerned.

Innovative design, cutting-edge technology accessible to all and clever solutions to make life simpler and better. These are the winning features of this model. Since it was first introduced on the market, the model has risen rapidly up the league table in segment A to reach first place in the Italian and European top ten rankings. And more. Although destined mainly for European markets, the various Panda versions are also sold in countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan and the island of Martinique. In detail, since its launch, more than 650,000 units (front wheel drive and four wheel drive) have been registered in Europe, a result that makes this the biggest selling model in its market segment. If we consider the results for 2005 alone, the Fiat Panda achieved a 32% share of the supermini segment with sales of 200,000 in Europe (in Italy it exceeded 45% with approximately 130,000 units delivered). And more: in 2005, the European sales mix favoured the Dynamic specification (39.5% with 1.2 Fire engine and 11% with 1.3 Multijet engine), followed by the Active (22%) and the extremely well-appointed Emotion (9% in the petrol version and 5% in the diesel version). This shows that European customers tend to go for the top specifications since they appreciate the advantageous content/price ratio. The best-equipped 4x4 version (1.2 4x4 Climbing) accounts for nearly 13% of total model sales. And is also the biggest-selling off-road vehicle in Italy with sales of 75,000. The sales figures for 2006 confirm continuing customer interest for the Panda because the market share is virtually the same as the previous year. The excellent sales figures are also confirmed by the 18 awards received from the international motoring press, including the prestigious 'Car of The Year 2004' and 'Auto Europa 2004' awards.

This public and critical success rewards, above all, the extraordinary ability of the Panda template to extend itself and generate new versions: the tiny 'ready for anything' 4x4, the funky Alessi version, the entertaining Panda Active and the well-appointed Panda Emotion - not to mention the Panda Cross and Panda Monster and the brand new 'Panda Panda' and Panda 100 HP and a host of concept cars created on the same base: the outgoing Panda Jolly and Panda Luxury, the cutting-edge Panda Hydrogen and the adventurous Panda Terramare. Young drivers are also able to race the Panda Rally in the Fiat Panda Rally Cup 2006, the second successful edition of the rally that will help launch them on a racing career.

Source: Fiat

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