Hamann BMW M5 Edition Race

HAMANN, by trade a top-class tuning specialist for BMW vehicles, is crowning its tuning suite for this brand with its latest creation. It is daring to touch the top model amongst the Bavarian saloons, namely the M5, and offers now – besides the already known modifications – a "Wide Body"-kit for the king of the 5 Series.

HAMANN offers its clients three different engine tuning options. The high revving 5-litre V10 with 507 bhp and 520 Nm is limited to 250km/h as standard. By removing the engine limiter, the racy Bavarian can reach top speeds of between 300km/h and 320km/h, depending on the wheel and tyre combination. The second option is made up of a combination of removing the engine limiter and optimising the engine characteristics by reprogramming the standard engine computer. HAMANN manages to tease an additional 30bhp/26kW and 15 Nm out of the V10 engine. The "HM/M +60" sport kit provides even better performance. The kit is made up of high-performance headers, metallic sports catalytic converters, a sports rear silencer, a sports air filter, an engine map optimisation and the removal of engine restrictions. As the name of the sports kit already suggests, the engine then provides around an additional 60bhp/44kW and can provide an extra 54 Nm of torque, meaning that a notably faster top speed of up to 320km/h can be reached.

2006 Hamann BMW M5 Edition Race Front Angle

"Standard" or "wide body" ?

HAMANN adorns the exterior of the M5 with aerodynamic components. For example, a front spoiler, which is attached to the standard front spoiler, helps to create greater downforce. Alternatively, this can also be achieved by a new, sportier front spoiler, whose built-in ellipsoid fog lights lend the "face" of the BMW more character. The sides of the M5 are edged with subtle side sills, which make the saloon appear even more powerful. Characterised by a diffusor the HAMANN rear panel with cut-out for the HAMANN 4-pipe-rear silencer teem with sportiness. The roof is crowned by a roof spoiler, which also helps to ensure that the M5 remains firmly on the road at high speeds. Further downforce is generated by the rear spoiler that is harmoniously integrated into the vehicle contours. Who prefers race car-like optics, can order the twin-rear spoiler instead. More dynamic than the standard-fitted mirrors are the sports mirrors offered by HAMANN for all left-hand drive cars, which are electrically adjustable and heated, and optionally also electrically folding. All parts, except the front apron, HAMANN offers also in carbon-kevlar.

Who thinks, a stronger car should leave a stronger mark in the rear mirrors of other road users, can ask HAMANN for the wide body-modification "EDITION RACE", which extends the vehicle's body. The kit consists of an EDITION RACE front spoiler (including upper beam headlights), ER side sills as well as ER fender extensions to be mounted at the front and the rear. Thanks to this body-kit, the M5 comes close to the DTM race car-looks and letґs the vehicle appear more muscular. For fans of motorsports the EDITION RACE-kit is definitely the first choice.

Four stainless steel tailpipes, each with a 76 mm diameter, are a sign of the HAMANN 4-pipe sports rear silencer. Its sound – which is enough to give you goosebumps – emphasizes the sheer power of this saloon. But beware – the risk of acoustic addiction is extremely high!

A suspension lowering kit with progressive-action suspension springs is used for lowering the body. This brings the HAMANN-M5 30 mm closer to the tarmac at the front and 25 mm lower at the rear. Anyone who paid attention during physics can imagine just what is required to slow down a vehicle travelling at high speed. The HAMANN engineers have certainly done their homework and have given the BMW a sports braking system on the front axle. It is composed of 2 slotted and inside-vented brake discs, 380 mm in diameter and 34 mm thick, 2 HAMANN eight-piston fixed calliper brakes in red (other colours are of course available on request), special brake pads, flexible steel brake pipes and adaptors, plus the complete fastening hardware. Fitted with braking equipment such as this, nothing stands in the way of pushing the dial on the speedometer past the 250 km/h mark.

Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the HAMANN range of wheels. The tuning specialists from Laupheim offer no fewer than five wheel types in 19 to 21 inch versions: the single-piece wheel rim "HM2", the single-piece light alloy wheel "Anniversary I" (which has the appearance of a composite wheel) and the composite wheels "PG2", "PG3" and "EDITION RACE". Last mentioned is the crown of HAMANNґs range of 21 inch light alloy wheel designs. Especially for the wide body-version of the M5, HAMANN recommends the rim "EDITION RACE" for the front axle in the dimension 9.0 J x 21 available with size 255/30-21 tyres, for the rear axle in 10.5 J x 21 with size 295/25-21 tyres. Needless to say, HAMANN also offers sets of shims and anti-theft systems with lockable wheel bolts for the rims.

The tuning specialist from Laupheim also offers various accessories for the M5. For instance, by fitting an interior set made from carbon for the dashboard and centre console, customers can add a touch of racing car atmosphere to their cockpits. This effect is augmented by various aluminium components. For example, HAMANN offers a driver's footrest made from this light metal, a hand brake lever and the complete set of pedals to match. An exclusive set of floor mats bearing the HAMANN logo in silver is also part of the interior range. Needless to say, HAMANN will also customise any M5 according to each customer's specific requests. By way of example, extravagant leather upholsteries in various colours are possible. As are extensive multimedia conversions with DVD, TV or Playstation, for example.

Source: Hamann

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