Holden VF Commodore Ute SSV Redline

Holden has redefined its popular SS V Redline performance hero with the introduction of the acclaimed 2014 VF Commodore.

Designed to deliver an even more sophisticated sports driving experience, Holden's VF SS V Redline introduces a host of new advanced technology features and an updated sports-tuned FE3 suspension package to enhance its performance credentials.

And for the first time, the new VF Redline offers advanced technology features designed to appeal to the enthusiast driver looking for luxury performance during everyday driving and track-capable characteristics for club events at the weekend.

Available in three body styles - sedan, Sportwagon and Ute - the Redline range is comprehensively equipped with standard features like Head-up Display, leather appointed seats, Passive Entry and Push Button Start and Bose® premium audio (sedan only) to enhance its unique blend of premium detailing and luxury features.

The new SS V Redline is also more luxurious and refined resulting from key VF program targets, including noise reduction, to deliver the most refined Commodore ever produced.


In line with its updated sports capability, Holden's VF Redline range introduces Competitive Mode - a selectable performance setting that adjusts electric power steering and Electronic Stability Control calibration to optimise vehicle performance for the track.

A new staggered wheel and tyre package, with Ultra High Performance 245/40 R19 front tyres and 275/35 R19 tyres at the rear - the widest wheels and tyres ever fitted to a mainstream Holden - provides additional grip for the ultimate performance experience, while all models equipped with manual transmission gain Launch Control, a feature calibrated to improve take off performance when Competitive Mode is selected.

2014 Holden VF Commodore Ute SSV Redline Front Angle

Holden has retuned Redline's unique FE3 chassis set-up and added new lightweight aluminium components - including the biggest stabiliser bar ever fitted to a Commodore - ultimately improving Redline's lateral acceleration, grip and limit handling.

Holden Program Engineering Manager Andrew Holmes said Holden engineers focussed on three key areas when planning the new VF Redline range - stop, go and turn.

"Early on, it was clear we wanted to create greater differentiation between our performance range and our luxury cars with Redline taking up a new role as Holden's ultimate definition of performance," he said.

"As an engineering team, we gained some valuable learnings about maximising rear wheel drive performance from our work on the Chevrolet Camaro program, and applied this knowledge to Redline.

"We wanted to make Redline more edgy; more of a sports car, and we did this by engineering the perfect balance of go, stop and turn characteristics.

"With VF, everything began with the tyres. For the first time, we adopted a dual width tyre arrangement to acheive much higher ultimate grip levels to deliver better traction out of corners.

"The new high performance tyre package also made steering sensitivity far better, it increased lateral grip, overall sharpness of dynamics and improved stopping distance, making VF Redline an ideal package for the enthusiast driver.

"The new VF Redline is the evolutionary step over VE that's pushed the boundaries of Holden rear-wheel drive performance - it's the ultimate driver's car from Holden."

Competitive Mode

Holden has engineered new technology to enhance Redline's track capable performance characteristics. In Competitive Mode, the calibration is fully biased towards ultimate sports performance handling, with a greater emphasis on steering input and feedback at higher speeds.

Highlights include a unique competitive steering calibration, track tune to enhance driver feedback during high lateral "g" cornering. Larger front Brembo® brakes have been calibrated for the race track, with a unique Competitive Mode ESC calibration that allows more freedom to explore the car's adhesion limits in a controlled track environment and optimise lap times for varying driver capability.

The chassis set-up includes new spring and damper tunes front and rear, larger stabiliser bars and stiffened bushes, while manual gearbox models also come with launch control, which improves take-off when in Competitive Mode.

Wheels and tyres

VF Redline models have been engineered to deliver track-capable grip levels thanks to new dual width front and rear Ultra High Performance Bridgestone tyres - 245/40 R19 front, 275/35 R19 rear.

High-performance Brembo® front brakes with four-piston, two-piece silver gloss aluminium front calipers and 355mm front rotors, along with forged 19-inch alloy wheels also contribute to Redline's advanced handling dynamics.

The front calipers provide increased stiffness to reduce fluid displacement and caliper deformation without adding weight and contribute to Redline's enhanced braking feel and overall vehicle dynamics. A patented pillar-vented rotor design also improves cooling and durability.


Holden has retuned its FE3 suspension system - unique to SS V Redline models - for even better track capable performance. Among the key changes to the Redline chassis are significant reductions to overall weight through the use of aluminium components and new Electric Power Steering.

Larger bore struts with rebound springs and new damper tune offer super sharp vehicle response, a significantly reduced roll ange and great body control. The new damper tune also reduces the propensity for damper fade during track use and delivers consistent performance throughout a track day.

Holden has fitted larger front and rear stabiliser bars to enable significant reduction in roll angle, while the new EPS system is tuned for a sharper response with faster on centre steering ratio and speed variable steering efforts. The default Sport steering calibration is optimised for increased vehicle feedback, while steering is more sensitive when Competitive Mode is selected.


The new VF SS V Redline range blends premium features and luxury design detailing with new advanced technology to take Holden's performance flagship vehicle from the road to the track.

Holden Marketing Manager Kristian Aquilina said the Holden team set out to give Redline customers more performance and more refinement than ever before.

"Redline was always going to play an important role in the new VF line-up, and from the outset we carefully considered what it would take to make the new VF SS V Redline the ultimate sports machine from Holden," he said.

"Its combination of luxury features, including premium Bose® audio system on sedan, leather appointed interior trim and Push Button Start with sensor key, and track performance technologies like Competitive Mode, Launch Control and new FE3 sports suspension redefines Redline as more than just a performance car.

"Redline is the hero of our performance range, and it showcases all of the state-of-the-art technologies that make VF the best car ever created in Australia - new Electric Power Steering, Automatic Park Assist, MyLink entertainment system with 8 inch touch screen, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Alert and Reverse Traffic Alert.

"Pricing is also significantly sharper and we've made sure customers get a lot for their Redline by reducing recommended prices by $6,300. The new VF SS V Redline sedan is priced at $51,490 with a manual gearbox and $53,490 with automatic transmission, while Sportwagon is $55,490 and Ute starts from $48,990 for the manual.

"So far we've had a great response to VF Commodore, and we've seen Redline make up a large proportion of SS V sales after just a short time on the market.

"We've also seen some great exposure from our online campaign that put the Redline Ute through its paces at the toughest racetrack on the planet - the Nürburgring.

"We've got a fantastic performance car with Redline and we've now got a new lap record of 8m 19.47sec at the world-famous Nürburgring to prove it."

Bose® premium audio

A 220 Watt Bose® audio system - standard on Redline sedan - employs nine speakers, including sub-woofers, to produce a pure, neutral tone balance from one end of the sonic spectrum to the other.

Colour Head-Up Display (HUD)

Head-Up Display projects important cluster information on the windscreen, allowing the driver to view it without looking away from the road.

The transparent, coloured display features four screens, selectable by the driver, which show such information as digital speedometer, tachometer, infotainment and turn by turn navigation.

HUD uses a series of mirrors to display the information on a specific high-technology windscreen. The HUD-enabled windscreen incorporates wedge lamination to provide excellent optic focus for the delivery of clear, sharp images.

Head-Up Display is based on technology originally developed in the US for military fighter jets. It enabled pilots to view vital information with the head positioned 'up' and looking forward, instead of looking down at lower instrument readouts.

Information displayed by HUD can be selected to display combinations of the following features:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Tachometer
  • Turn signal indicators
  • High beam indicator
  • Selected gear
  • Forward Collision Alert indicator
  • Front park assist indicator
  • Turn by turn navigation display
  • Audio functions
  • Outside air temperature
  • Phone information
  • Vehicle messages
  • Lateral Acceleration
  • Racing shift lights

Forward Collision Alert

This advanced and all-new active safety system is standard on Calais V and SS V models, including Redline. It employs a digital camera to help drivers avoid front-end collisions.

Like Lane Departure Warning, FCA is designed to help minimise the risk of collisions commonly caused by driver error, distraction and drowsiness.

The system looks for vehicles ahead and uses the vehicle's Head-Up Display (HUD) to warn drivers if they are approaching another vehicle too rapidly and a collision appears to be imminent.

If the HUD function is turned off, the collision warning system will override this setting.

Forward Collision Alert operates at speeds above 40 km/h.

2014 Holden VF Commodore Ute SSV Redline Rear Angle

Lane Departure Warning

A digital camera is mounted on the windscreen ahead of the rear view mirror helps to combat driver error, distraction and drowsiness by providing lane departure warnings.

This practical active safety feature helps to reduce the risk of collision that arise when drivers stray over lane markings unintentionally, or depart a lane without signalling first.

The Lane Departure System is activated by a control on the steering wheel. It may be deactivated by the driver, according to preference and circumstance.

Reverse Traffic Alert

This technology utilises the same set of radar sensors that operate the Side Blind Zone Alert feature.

It warns the driver of vehicles approaching behind the vehicle when reversing out of a parking space (including angled parking) or a driveway. Reverse Traffic Alert senses moving cross traffic - up to 25 metres away - that may not be visible to the driver.

The driver is alerted via warning chimes from a speaker on the affected side of the vehicle and by a warning symbol and red directional arrow displayed on the centre stack rear vision camera screen.

Blind Spot Alert

This clever collision-avoidance technology operates via radar sensors located on both sides of the vehicle's rear fascia/bumper.

The system's first purpose is to caution drivers when a vehicle enters a specified 'blind spot' zone in an adjacent lane. The second imperative is to alert drivers to the danger if an attempt is made to change lanes.

The system 'looks' for other vehicles in both rear side blind spots and alerts the driver to their presence via cautionary visual alert in outside rear view mirrors, depending on which side the object is detected.

If the driver indicates to move into that blind zone, the visual alert in the left or right side external mirror will flash.

Sensor Key with Push Button Start

This super-convenient 'keyless' feature allows drivers to unlock, start and lock the car simply by carrying the sensor key with them.

On approach, integrated antennas in the vehicle body identify a radio pulse generated by the key fob. When the button on the door handle is pressed, the door will automatically unlock to allow access.

Smart Remote Start System

A remote vehicle start feature is available on all VF models with automatic transmission.

It seamlessly integrates with anti-theft and passive entry systems.

Smart Remote Start operates via key fob activation from as far away as 100 metres.

It not only starts the vehicle but also activates the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, which will operate at the 'last known' fan and temperature setting.

Remote Start will also activate the heated front seats feature, providing that inside vehicle and outside temperatures are below a certain threshold.

VF SS V Redline Key Features

  • Brembo® brakes
  • Forged 19" alloy wheels (4)
  • Ultra High Performance 245/40 R19 (front) and 275/35 R19 (rear) tyres
  • Colour Head-up Display
  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Updated FE3 sports tuned suspension
  • Passive Entry with Push Button Start with sensor key
  • Smart remote engine start system (automatic transmission only)
  • 9-speaker Bose® premium audio (sedan only)
  • Sunroof (sedan only)
  • MyLink 8 inch colour touch screen with app functionality
  • Enhanced voice control
  • Satellite navigation
  • SIRI Eyes Free Enabled
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • 8-way power adjustable driver's seat (sedan and wagon only)
  • Leather appointed seating
  • Leather wrap sports steering wheel

Recommended Retail Pricing

  • SS V Redline Sedan (manual): AU$51,490
  • SS V Redline Sedan (auto): AU$53,690
  • SS V Redline Sportwagon (auto): AU$55,690
  • SS V Redline Ute (manual): AU$48,990
  • SS V Redline Ute (auto): AU$50,690

Source: Holden

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