Honda Accord Sedan

Combined with its Honda reputation for durability, quality and reliability, the Accord establishes itself as the benchmark of the auto industry's most competitive segment.

The Accord is available in two bodystyles: a sporty Coupe and an elegant four-door Sedan. Five different trim levels are available: DX (Sedan only), LX, EX, V-6 LX and V-6 EX. Both the Coupe and Sedan bodies are completely new, with distinctive styling that distinguishes each from the other. Each body provides even greater structural rigidity, and has been designed to meet current U.S. safety standards for occupant protection. In addition to front-, rear- and side-impact protection, the new body features extensive offset-frontal impact protection. Lap/Shoulder seat belts are used at all seating positions, including the middle-rear position, and dual airbags are standard.

2001 Honda Accord Sedan Front Angle

3.0-liter, v-6 engine

A 200-horsepower, aluminum-alloy, 3.0-liter, V-6 engine is available in LX and EX sedans and coupes. Its 60-degree V angle and extensive noise and vibration engineering make it exceptionally smooth. In addition, the V-6 is quiet and the most compact and powerful V-6 in its class.

2.3-liter engine

A 2.3-liter, aluminum-alloy, in-line 4-cylinder engine with a VTEC cylinder head is standard on the Accord LX and EX models. (DX models retain the non-VTEC 16-valve head.) This is the first time VTEC has been used on LX models.

The 2.3-liter engine is a complete redesign and boasts more power, less vibration and better fuel efficiency than its predecessor. In addition, the VTEC LX and EX versions meet California's LEV (Low-Emission Vehicle) standards.

5-link double wishbone rear suspension

The Accord's chassis gives it an exceptionally smooth ride and precise, stable handling. The chassis features a 5-link double wishbone rear suspension and a redesigned double wishbone front suspension, combined with innovative front and rear subfrarnes that yield a high degree of isolation from vibration.

Source: Honda

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