Honda KIWAMI Concept

Just as Honda pioneered and advanced low emission technology and hybrid technology, the goal of these fuel cell vehicle introductions is to gain real world experience. In this way, we advance our knowledge of the strengths and limitations of fuel cell technology for more widespread application in the future.

Today, we have the Kiwami concept where you can see the benefit of Honda's more compact stack technology. Advanced packaging makes possible a lower floor – this enables us to create a roomy interior despite the low roofline.

But Honda is not just developing fuel cell vehicles. We are also taking leadership in the effort to develop a hydrogen fueling infrastructure. This includes a hydrogen station powered by advanced solar cells developed by Honda engineers. And a Home Energy Station that makes hydrogen from natural gas. These concepts represent an important means to reduce CO2 emissions.

This spring, we will begin research with this station and Honda's original stack FCX at our R&D facility in California. And we will conduct real world confirmation in cold climates in states on the East Coast. Through these original efforts, our goal is to contribute to the introduction of a hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

2003 Honda KIWAMI Concept Front Angle

But Honda's commitment to advanced technology is not restricted to the environment. Two months ago, we announced a major expansion of safety technology in all Honda and Acura vehicles by 2006. We made this commitment ahead of the industry-wide program based upon our philosophy of "Safety for Everyone." We believe it is possible to advance both safety and environmental technologies. And, at the same time, make vehicles that are fun-to-drive. We even engineered our fuel cell vehicle to meet or exceed all government safety standards. And everyone who drives it, is surprised by its power.

This type of commitment is also the reason we make vehicles like the Acura NSX and Honda S2000. The production volume is small. But the value is high – both for our customers and for the Honda engineers who develop these vehicles. And that is the thinking behind the HSC concept car that you can see at the Acura stand. This model will serve as the basis for the next generation NSX you will see within a few years. We are committed to achieve the industry best performance – no – rival – exists – for this vehicle.

We believe Honda has a unique role within the industry. This means leading the way in advancing the important areas of safety and the environment. While, at the same time, offering our customers products that are fun to drive. And we will continue to use our strength in developing original technology to provide new and improved mobility for our customers.

This also means traveling new, more challenging roads ahead of others. In this way, Honda will achieve its vision of becoming a company that society wants to exist. Thank you.

Source: Honda

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