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2013-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced it would launch the all-new Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute premium minivans at dealerships throughout Japan on Friday, November 1, 2013. Now in its fifth generation, the all-new Odyssey offers an unprecedented level of premium quality, combining roomy and refined comfort for occupants in all three rows with an exceptionally smooth ride. In each of its generations, the Odyssey has been ahead of the times in providing new minivan value. Building on the original design concept, the all-new Odyssey features a completely new platform and powertrain. In ride quality, fuel economy, exterior design, interior roominess, utility and safety performance, the all-new Odyssey has evolved to surpass its predecessor.

The all-new Odyssey features sliding rear doors and an ultra-low-floor platform, with a higher ceiling and a lower floor than in the previous model. As a result, the all-new Odyssey is much roomier than its predecessor while maintaining the exhilarating yet stable ride that has helped make each generation of Odyssey so popular.

The distinctive exterior styling of the all-new Odyssey reflects its status as a premium minivan, and its interior design creates a refined, modern, quiet environment for all occupants. In the second row, premium cradle seats*1 surround occupants in luxurious comfort, while the large sliding doors and steps approximately 30 cm high make it easy to enter and exit the vehicle. Moreover, with flexible seat arrangements and a large cargo area that is easy to load and unload, the all-new Odyssey offers a higher level of utility than ever before.

2014 Honda Odyssey JDM Front

The all-new Odyssey Absolute features powerful and refined exterior styling and a newly developed 2.4 L DOHC i-VTEC engine with direct fuel injection. While using unleaded regular gasoline, this new powerplant combines more dynamic acceleration with high fuel economy and exceptionally clean emissions. In addition, special chassis settings make the driving performance of the Odyssey Absolute even sportier and more enjoyable. In addition, the driving support functions of the all-new Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute have also evolved to enhance the driver's peace of mind and comfort. Advanced safety features include the ability to detect various hazards to help the driver avoid accidents, while a parking assist function provides an extra touch of convenience.

Key features of the Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute New ultra-low-floor platform delivering balanced combination of roomy interior and exceptional driving performance In the all-new Odyssey, Honda's proprietary packaging technologies have evolved even further. In addition to sliding rear doors, the model features a newly developed ultra-low-floor platform, in which the ceiling is higher and the floor lower than in the previous model.

The first benefit of this platform is an interior that is even roomier than that of the previous model. Moreover, thanks to a low center of gravity and an enhanced suspension, the platform also delivers the nimble and stable handling that has made each generation of Odyssey so popular, as well as an exceptionally smooth ride and enjoyable driving performance. Combination of flowing exterior proportions and roomy interior, thanks to ultra-low-floor platform Based on the concept of solid streamline, the exterior design of the Odyssey leverages the ultra-low-floor platform to present powerful, flowing proportions that encompass the roomy interior. The concept of the interior design is modern suite. Like an inviting luxury hotel suite, the interior offers the highest level of relaxation to occupants in all seats.

The exterior design of the Odyssey Absolute is powerful yet refined. The front grille with its large opening hints at the power of the high-performance engine behind it, while the grille bars with their bold shape and chrome-like finish make a forceful impression. On the lower part of the front and rear aero bumpers, moldings with chrome-like finish highlight the model's excellent aerodynamic performance; on the lower part of the door garnishes, the moldings emphasize the model's low center of gravity.

Interior offering roomy and refined comfort in all three rows With a total height lower than other large minivans, the all-new Odyssey has an interior height of 1,325 mm (FF models) and approximately the same level of head clearance in rows two and three as comparable vehicles. Since the all-new Odyssey features an increased tandem distance and interior width, it offers an even more comfortable interior environment even at full capacity. The second row*1 features premium cradle seats that surround occupants in luxurious comfort. Adjusting the backrest rearward causes the seat base to rise, forming an ideal angle for reclining.

These generously sized seats also include footrests and articulated backrests. The third-row bench seat is divided into three parts, allowing each occupant to select his or her own reclining angle and sit in comfort without rubbing shoulders. In sum, all three rows of seats allow their occupants to enjoy the roomy and refined interior of the all-new Odyssey in full comfort.

Ultra-low steps and wide sliding doors supporting easy entry and exit A flat, slender fuel tank and a specially designed floor frame structure and exhaust system make possible the Odyssey's ultra-low-floor platform. The low floor and rear door steps, approximately 30 cm high,*2 make it easy to enter and exit the all-new Odyssey.

The rear floor is flat and provides extra foot room and comfort to occupants in the second row. Newly developed engine and CVT delivering powerful acceleration and best-in-class fuel economy*2 The Earth Dreams Technology powertrain of the Odyssey is next-generation environmental technology newly developed from the engine frame up. The 2.4 L DOHC i-VTEC engine is available in two types, while the newly developed CVT and other advanced technologies help the engine operate more efficiently, resulting in outstanding fuel economy.

The 2.4 L DOHC i-VTEC engine of the Odyssey Absolute combines Honda's original VTEC*3 and VTC*4 technologies with direct fuel injection to produce powerful acceleration. While running on unleaded regular gasoline, this engine simultaneously offers higher midrange torque than its predecessor and best-in-class fuel economy. The Odyssey B, G and G EX types feature a newly developed 2.4 L DOHC i-VTEC engine with port fuel injection. This powerplant offers even better output, torque and fuel economy than the engine of the previous model. The newly developed CVT contributes to both the direct acceleration feel and outstanding fuel economy of the all-new Odyssey. The CVT offers higher transmission efficiency than its predecessor, and its concentrated functions make it more lightweight as well.

Thanks to its high-efficiency design, the CVT helps the all-new Odyssey achieve better acceleration and fuel economy than the previous model. Moreover, the G-Design Shift system provides cooperative control over the DBW*5 throttle and CVT, responding instantly to accelerator inputs by the driver and contributing to the Odyssey's linear acceleration feel. The Odyssey Absolute adds a 7-speed mode and paddle shifters, allowing drivers to enjoy a manual shifting feel. Exceptionally stable and smooth ride for outstanding occupant comfort Thanks to its newly developed chassis, the all-new Odyssey combines a highly roomy interior with a sedan-like driving experience. The ultra-low-floor platform design helps create a low center of gravity, while the suspension and every part of the chassis feature enhanced rigidity.

2014 Honda Odyssey JDM Interior

This design results in nimble handling with a controlled feel and a highly smooth and comfortable ride. Lightweight body with enhanced rigidity in combination with roomy interior The front and rear suspensions, center pillars and other key body areas feature fortified joints to enhance body rigidity.

While supporting the wide-opening sliding rear doors, the body of the all-new Odyssey features increased flexural and torsional rigidity. This highly rigid structure contributes to the vehicle's stable handling, smooth ride, quietness and other performance characteristics. Ease of driving in combination with generous body size Reducing the space requirements of the engine and other mechanical components has made possible an increased steering angle and a small turning circle of 5.4 m.

Further, adjusting the pillar shapes and other characteristics has made them appear more slender from the point of view of the driver, maximizing glass surface area and enhancing visibility in all directions. Thanks to these design elements, although featuring a generous body that places it in Japan's 5-number size category, the all-new Odyssey is extremely easy to drive. Advanced driving support systems, including multi-view camera system and Honda Smart Parking Assist System The all-new Odyssey includes a variety of advanced driving support systems.

The multi-view camera system*6 displays views from multiple wide-angle cameras on the vehicle's navigation screen to provide assistance on narrow roads, at intersections with limited visibility and with parking in parking lots and garages, thereby enhancing driver comfort and peace of mind.

The Honda Smart Parking Assist System*6 automatically analyzes camera images, calculates the parking space boundary and provides steering inputs to support the driver in parking the vehicle. dvanced safety systems designed to detect hazards and prevent accidents The all-new Odyssey also includes a wide range of advanced safety technologies. Blind Spot Information*7 uses a radar system in the rear bumper to monitor the rearward direction and detect automobiles traveling in the driver's blind spot.

The newly enhanced Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS)*6 is designed to operate in response to potential collisions with cars traveling in front of the all-new Odyssey and with oncoming traffic, as well as to detect and prevent unintentional acceleration from standstill. The City-Brake Active system*8 is designed to prevent rear-end collisions with vehicles ahead and to prevent unintentional acceleration from standstill. *7 Available on select types *8 Available on select types Standard on G EX, Absolute (FF 7-occupant and 4WD 8-occupant) and Absolute EX All-new Odyssey with side lift-up seat In this special needs vehicle, the lift-up seat with fully electric rotation and elevation functions is located on the left in the second row.

The occupant of this seat enjoys a spacious and comfortable environment. A caregiver may sit in the same row and, thanks to the sliding rear doors, provide assistance from either inside or outside the vehicle when the person receiving care enters and exits. The all-new Odyssey with side lift-up seat will go on sale on November 1, 2013. All-new Odyssey with front passenger lift-up seat This special needs vehicle features a front passenger lift-up seat with fully electric rotation and elevation functions. The occupant of the seat enjoys the peace of mind of sitting next to the driver and a broad field of view in a spacious, open environment. The all-new Odyssey with front passenger lift-up seat is scheduled to go on sale on December 5, 2013.

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