Eibach Kia Ceed GT

With its Cee'd GT, Kia has entered the sporty compact car market with a bang, not a whimper. The 204 HP / 150 kW car, developed in Europe, with its turbo engine is fun to drive. The Eibach Suspension Components complement the set-up in an ideal fashion.

The Pro-Kit Performance Springs lower the car's centre of gravity and thus improve the handling: the flatter silhouette enhances its appearance.

The Eibach Pro-Spacer Wheel Spacers made of aluminum complete this compact car's harmonious look by widening its stance.

All Eibach suspension components, which are available through authorised dealers, are provided with a high-quality corrosion protection and are TÜV-certified.

2014 Eibach Kia Ceed GT Front Angle

Source: Eibach

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