Lincoln MKS

The 2011 Lincoln MKS flagship sedan evokes luxury from its exceptional quietness and comfort to its premium materials, class-exclusive features and confident driving demeanor.

Putting the driver in command, the Lincoln MKS chassis provides isolation from road noise and harshness but doesn't isolate the driver from the road. Steering is precise and responsive; the ride is smooth yet taut; braking is linear and controlled. And with its available 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, Lincoln MKS also offers a powertrain that produces a compelling combination of V-8 power and V-6 fuel economy.

New for 2011, music lovers will enjoy the addition of HD Radio technology to the available voice-activated navigation system. The HD Radio receiver enables more listening options and digital sound quality with no additional equipment or cost. To use HD Radio, listeners simply tune in their favorite station. If the station is broadcasting with HD Radio technology, the system automatically picks up the signal and will transition to digital audio once decoded.

2011 Lincoln MKS Front Angle

The Lincoln SYNC® voice-activated in-vehicle connectivity system, standard on the Lincoln MKS, now integrates Traffic, Directions & Information with the voice-activated navigation system. Traffic, Directions & Information leverages industry-leading voice-recognition software, integrated GPS technology and a customer's Bluetooth®-capable mobile phone to provide simple hands-free access to personalized traffic reports, precise turn-by-turn driving directions, and up-to-date information including business listings, news, sports and weather.

Immersed in premium technologies

Lincoln MKS delivers technologies aimed at making life luxurious for both driver and passengers. A holistic approach was used to develop these features, where ease of use and intuitive operation were key objectives. Nowhere is this focus more apparent than with Active Park Assist, available on EcoBoost models and enabled by Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS).

This technology employs an ultrasonic-based sensing system, as opposed to video camera-reliant competitive offerings, making parallel parking a breeze. Active Park Assist activates at the touch of a button, determining an adequate parking spot, detecting the edges of adjacent objects to calculate an optimized angle, and then steering the Lincoln MKS into the spot while coaching the driver through conventional throttle and braking inputs.

In addition to completing a parking maneuver quickly, Active Park Assist also works in uphill parking situations, unlike some competitive systems.

Also working in conjunction with EPAS, Pull-Drift Compensation is a software-based technology that helps drivers offset vehicle pulling or drifting that can occur in steady crosswinds or on uneven roads. Pull-Drift Compensation uses sensors to constantly measure the steering input applied by the driver to help maintain the vehicle's path; it automatically compensates for slight steering input changes caused by environmental factors such as road crowning or steady crosswinds.

On the road, Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Brake Support allows the driver to set and maintain vehicle speed, while radar monitors traffic ahead of the Lincoln MKS. This optional system automatically adjusts speed and slows the vehicle to maintain the set distance behind traffic ahead.

Collision Warning with Brake Support provides the driver with a "heads-up" display that flashes on the windshield if the system senses a potential collision with the vehicle in front of it. If the driver doesn't respond and a collision is imminent, the system will pre-charge the brakes and increase brake assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when the driver does brake.

MyKey allows parents or other concerned owners to restrict certain Lincoln MKS features when in the hands of a MyKey driver. Parents simply program the vehicle key through the message center to incorporate features such as:

  • Limited top speed of 80 mph
  • Traction control system that limits tire spin cannot be deactivated
  • Audio system volume limited to 44 percent of maximum volume
  • A speed alert chime at 45, 55 or 65 mph

A new level of connectivity

Lincoln SYNC is standard on all Lincoln MKS models, providing occupants with voice-activated communications and infotainment, including 911 Assist™, Vehicle Health Report and Traffic, Directions & Information.

Lincoln MKS is offered with two audio technology choices. Standard is a THX® II Certified Car Audio System with AM/FM/CD6/DVD/MP3 capability, 10 speakers, SIRIUS® satellite radio with six-month prepaid subscription, an auxiliary input jack and a USB port.

The available navigation system includes an internal hard drive for map and point-of-interest information storage, THX II Certified Car Audio System with 14 strategically aimed Premium Audio speakers and HD Radio technology. In addition, a SIRIUS Traffic™ and SIRIUS Travel Link™ prepaid subscription is included with the navigation system, providing coast-to-coast weather data, forecasts, fuel prices, sports scores, movie listings and more.

The available navigation system also enables the driver to display personal photos on the center stack-mounted touch screen. The system can store and display up to 32 photos, sized 1.5MB or less. The home screen can be personalized by display, desired information, or photos in one-, two- or three-panel views.

Both audio technology choices feature an internal Jukebox hard drive for storage of up to 150 hours of recorded audio entertainment. Users can browse the Jukebox via touch screen or voice control. Gracenote® technology will display the CD cover when a selected track is playing.

Striking interior detail

The meticulously detailed 2011 Lincoln MKS delivers a precision-crafted environment resplendent in premium leather trim and real wood and metal accents. Elegant, flowing surfaces create the feeling that the interior has been sculpted, rather than constructed. The flow-through center stack is topped with an integrated information screen that also serves as the screen for the available navigation system. Standard leather-trimmed seats are double-stitched and feature an exclusive Lincoln perforation pattern on the inserts.

A philosophy of "guilt-free luxury" means Lincoln MKS strives to use materials and processes that reflect the finer things in life, but not at the expense of the world around it. Examples include:

  • Leather for the seats by Bridge of Weir, the same Scottish company that supplied hides for the iconic Continental Mark II, was chosen for its high quality and its organic, chromium-free tanning
  • Ebony wood, used for some models, is reclaimed from furniture makers and other sources to offer a beautiful and rare wood with minimal environmental impact

Lincoln comfort seats, developed for the MKS, feature side bolster supports designed for spirited driving. The standard heated and cooled 12-way power driver and front passenger seats offer four-way lumbar (up, down, inboard and outboard) for added comfort on long trips.
Rear seat passengers also enjoy a luxury experience as they enjoy standard heated rear outboard seats.

Recessed into the front and rear door openings, cleverly designed hidden rocker panels allow for a low step-over height, making it easier to enter or exit the vehicle. This design helps shield the rockers from the elements, reducing the likelihood of soiling shoes or trousers when entering or exiting the vehicle.

Balanced power, boosted efficiency

Fuel efficiency comes standard on the Lincoln MKS – and customers have a choice of two powerful yet practical V-6 engines. A 3.7-liter, 24-valve variation of the award-winning Duratec® engine family is standard. Delivering 274 horsepower at 6,250 rpm and 270 ft.-lb. of torque at 4,250 rpm, this engine has been tuned to provide brisk acceleration and smooth power delivery, along with EPA-estimated fuel economy of 17 mpg city/24 highway for the Lincoln MKS with the 3.7-liter engine and front-wheel drive (FWD). The all-wheel drive (AWD) version will deliver an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 16 mpg city/23 highway.

For an even more performance-oriented driving experience, Lincoln MKS also offers an available 3.5-liter EcoBoostTM twin-turbocharged, direct-injected V-6. This engine provides 355 horsepower at 5,700 rpm, while generating 350 ft.-lb. of torque from 1,500 through 5,250 rpm (using premium fuel) – all while returning an EPA-estimated 17 mpg city/25 highway with AWD.

The unique combination of power and efficiency also makes the EcoBoost MKS the most fuel-efficient all-wheel-drive Lincoln MKS available, topping the naturally aspirated AWD model by 1 mpg city and 2 mpg highway. Combining gasoline direct injection with twin turbochargers and a smaller-displacement engine, EcoBoost can match the power output of larger, naturally aspirated engines while yielding torque gains and maintaining fuel economy.

Pressurized direct injection enables a higher compression ratio, while twin turbochargers work in tandem to reduce lag associated with earlier turbocharged engines. Even with additional horsepower, fuel economy is optimized by an increased compression ratio – enabled by charge-cooling air – and sophisticated knock controls.

Lincoln MKS is equipped with a six-speed SelectShift Automatic™ transmission with paddle shift activation. This advanced six-speed gearbox offers the driver a choice between fully automatic operation and manual control. In addition, paddle shifters are integrated into the steering wheel spokes. Intuitive to operate, a squeeze back on either paddle will deliver an upshift, while a gentle push forward on either paddle will induce a "matched-rev" downshift.

This capability makes the Lincoln MKS driving experience sporty yet smooth. Unlike some competitive transmissions, SelectShift won't "second guess" the driver with an override shift. With SelectShift, manual control is truly manually controlled.

All-wheel drive is optional in the Lincoln MKS with the standard 3.7-liter V-6. The AWD option enhances the vehicle's capability in a variety of weather conditions. The sophisticated AWD system is fully automatic, using an advanced array of internal electromechanical clutches to efficiently distribute torque between front and rear wheels as needed. AWD is standard in the Lincoln MKS with the available EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6.

Body and suspension improvements

Lincoln MKS drivers enjoy the solitude that comes courtesy of premium noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) characteristics. Chassis and body bracing and strategically placed sound-deadening materials produce an extraordinary level of cabin isolation, providing MKS drivers with a sense of sanctuary.

The structural stiffness is supplemented by a suspension designed to further isolate occupants while also enhancing the driving experience when pushed hard. Mounts and bushings have been carefully tuned, and spring/shock tuning and front suspension geometry have both been engineered to give drivers exceptional handling capabilities in a full-size luxury vehicle.

In addition to the refinements found throughout the MKS line, EcoBoost models take the tuning one step further. Larger stabilizer bars front and rear provide flatter cornering characteristics, and a different front subframe aids in further adjustments to the suspension geometry. Combined with dual roll restrictors, the EcoBoost MKS features handling dynamics perfectly matched to its powerful, responsive engine – all without sacrificing the luxurious ride Lincoln owners demand.

Active and passive safety innovations

The Lincoln MKS features an advanced structural safety system that combines octagonal front frame rails, tunnel rails and support members designed to absorb and redirect crash forces away from the passenger compartment. Lincoln MKS also features Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement (SPACE) Architecture® to optimize side-impact occupant protection.

The SPACE system integrates a hydroformed high-strength steel tube embedded in the floor that runs the width of the vehicle from B-pillar to B-pillar and along the rocker panels to form a safety cage to help protect passengers in side-impact incidents.

Also included is the enhanced Personal Safety System™, combining multiple technologies to help tailor the airbags and seat belt functions to each individual passenger and the particular accident circumstances. The system can identify variables, such as severity of the crash, weight of the individual passenger, and seat belt usage to adjust airbag deployment force.

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