Lumma Design Mercedes-Benz SLK R170

When Mercedes Benz revealed the brightly blue painted design study "SLK II " in the summer 1994 at the Autosalon in Paris, specialists were astonished and laymen were surprised: on the one hand, a well-known roof concept from bygone times celebrated its spectacular and contemporary revival with the electro-hydraulical vario-roof, which transforms the vehicle with the push of a button in 25 seconds from an open roadster to winter-proof coupé, and on the other hand, hardly anyone had thought that the back then "conventional" premium car manufacturer was capable at all of such a impudent vehicle design. However: two years later, the production of the SLKs of the series R170 started, and the standard model differed only in details from the concept vehicle shown in France. Customers queued and often waited up to one year for the SLK.

Scarcely two decades have passed since these events. And yet, the SLK R170 still doesn't look "old" at all these days. On the contrary, the roadster, which is heading nominally hard towards the young-timer status, impresses with the brand-specific timelessness. LUMMA Tuning styling experts from Winterlingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg and i-move gmbh with seat in Munich, functioning as a partner and known for many years as design and modelling partners of renowned car manufacturers, were convinced of the fact that the Ur-SLK was not yet ready to be on the shelf, and recently designed an extroverted widebody conversion kit named "Black Move" for the smart chassis of the sporty two-seater.

2014 Lumma Design Mercedes-Benz SLK R170 Front Angle

With a completely new front spoiler bumper, it clearly gives the nose of the SLK a much beefier look. A cup spoiler blade provides for a conspicuous motorsport look under the valance dominated by grilled air intakes. This combination finds its counterpart abaft in a tail bumper with integrated diffuser. The broad stance of the small roadster, generated by new front fenders with air outlet, as well as wheel arch widenings, are guided by matching side skirts across the flanks.

Angular tailpipe trims, which are integrated into the tail diffuser, are screwed into the rear valance and can be attached to the exhaust tail muffler with a special fitting – as shown with the SLK 32 AMG base vehicle.

As a more economical alternative, the series tail muffler can also be connected with only the left LUMMA Tuning tailpipe, showing the right trim in place but not functionally active. All parts are also available as extreme lightweight carbon construction for motorsport enthusiasts.

The assembly of the extremely well-scaled body kit made from high-quality GRP and suitable for all SLK of the R170 series is very easy, because the LUMMA Tuning attachments are mostly screwed to the original fastening spots. Cutting and bonding work is only necessary for the installation of the rear widenings. Mounting materials, as well as an aluminum lattice set for front and tail, are naturally within the scope of supply. Optionally, the entire conversion, inclusive TÜV acceptance, can be done completely hassle-free on the premises of LUMMA Tuning.

In addition to the LUMMA Tuning "Black Move" widening, the pictured vehicle received a Y-spoke light alloy set of wheels in 8,5x20 and 10x20 inches with tyre dimensions of 235/30R20 as well as 285/25R20. 30 millimeters strong shims at both axles, as well as a Bilstein coilover, provide for perfect positioning of wheel/tire combinations in the significantly exposed wheel housings.

Source: LUMMA

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