AC Schnitzer Mini Cabriolet

"Extraordinary", "cheeky", "friendly", "reliable" and "superb" are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the most emotional small car of recent years.

With the introduction of the MINI Convertible the range is now complete, and for AC Schnitzer the logical consequence was to offer for all MINI models - either Convertible or hard top - a special accessories range which leaves nothing to be desired.

The standard engine of the MINI Cooper S which thanks to compressor technology already delivers a considerable 125 kW / 170 HP, has been given a substantial boost by the AC Schnitzer engineers who have optimized the compressor ratios and at the same time adapted the Control Unit Program. After the AC Schnitzer treatment, the 1.6 l power plant delivers a stately 142 kW / 193 HP at 7000 rpm. In this guise, the MINI Cooper S by AC Schnitzer covers the 0 - 100 km/h sprint in just 7.0 seconds, and has a top speed of 235 km/h.

2005 AC Schnitzer Mini Cabriolet Front Angle

To improve response, the performance upgrade is offered in conjunction with the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer made completely of stainless steel with chromed racing tailpipe trim and the corresponding engine highlights in stainless steel.

For the MINI One D too, we have developed a diesel performance upgrade which delivers 66 kW / 90 HP and takes the maximum torque to 220 Nm at 2000 rpm.

Naturally conversion to the AC Schnitzer rear silencer is recommended even without the engine upgrades. But the customer faces a difficult choice. For both the MINI One and the MINI Cooper there are two variants available: a twin exhaust system with two oval tailpipes in right/left combination or the single oval tailpipe design.

The third variant is reserved for the MINI Cooper S: a sports tailpipe in centre positioning, in the design of the AC Schnitzer Racing tailpipe trim.

Whatever variant he chooses, the customer is guaranteed to enjoy the throaty sound and attractive integration of the exhaust into the rear of the MINI.

Last but not least, for aesthetic enhancement of all MINI models (except the Cooper S) the chromed tailpipe trim with oval end is available.

The AC Schnitzer rear skirt not only integrates the silencer but at the same time gives the MINIs (except the MINI One D) a far more powerful look.

Also available for the front is a complete skirt, which thanks to the generously dimensioned front grille with chrome frame gives the MINIs a bright new facial expression. But the aerodynamic conversion is not just an aesthetic improvement. Made from high quality PU-Rim, it gives improved downforce and is easy for paint and fit.

The exterior program is completed by the designer stripes and the AC Schnitzer logo "Technology & Design", available in white or black or, for the Cooper S, with a red "S".

An absolute eyecatcher - for both the exterior and the interior observer - is the AC Schnitzer fold and slide roof, which offers a genuine alternative to the Convertible. With an opening of 710 x 810 mm, it provides a true fresh air experience despite the "hard top" design.

The driving dynamics of all MINI models are further improved by suspension components which lower the vehicle by around 30 mm in conjunction with the AC Schnitzer Type I alloy wheels in 7.5J x 17" with tyres 215/40 R 17.

For all MINI models, a height-adjustable racing suspension is available together with suspension spring kits for pure lowering. The suspension concept is completed for the Cooper S variants by the AC Schnitzer aluminium strut brace for the front which further stabilizes the front end on tight corners or sudden swerve manoeuvres.

So it's no surprise that the subjective driving impressions are reminiscent of a Go-Kart, especially on twisty roads or at high speeds. For tyres, we recommend high performance tyres by Continental and Michelin.

The famous dot on the "i" comes from the interior components such as e.g. the aluminium pedal sets with matching foot rest cover, the aluminium gear knob and the aluminium handbrake handle. Last but not least, special floor mats are available with a 2-colour embroidered AC Schnitzer "Technology & Design" logo.

Finally, AC Schnitzer offers tailor-made solutions in the fields of traffic telematics and Car Infotainment which can be integrated optimally.

Source: MINI

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