Nissan Serena

Nissan today announced the launch in Japan of the all-new Serena minivan. As its tagline "SHIFT_capacity" implies, the Serena dramatically transforms the potentialities of a one-box vehicle by accommodating users' diverse driving needs.


The exterior design is built around the themes of "active" and "spacious" and features large side windows rendered with a distinctive, step-like spur character line and a modern-looking cubic body form that conveys a feeling of stability.
The body-colored grille is smoothed out with the bumper and hood to give the front end a distinctive look. The stable-looking 3-D form is accentuated by the bumpers and the colored accent belt around the bottom of the body.

2005 Nissan Serena Front Angle


The chrome-plated grille is designed with a wide, clear-cut look. The spoiler-like flare of the body panels around the fog lamps projects an aerodynamic impression and a sense of unity with the body sides.

Designed around the themes of "active" and "roomy" themes, the interior has a bright, open ambience, thanks to the large windows, low waistline and expansive-looking instrument panel.

Thanks to the combination of Nissan's 2.0-liter MR20DE engine and XTRONIC CVT (continuously variable transmission), both two-wheel drive (2WD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) models deliver outstanding start-off acceleration and fuel economy in the practical speed range of everyday driving.

The project concept for the all-new Serena is focused on three unique attributes:

"Looks big"

The Serena's big interior is among the roomiest in its class. Thanks to the roomy space and large windows, passengers in all seating positions can travel comfortably and pleasantly to their destination. Class-leading legroom and headroom ensure comfortable spaciousness in all seating positions. Moreover, the cargo area readily accommodates large leisure equipment without any problem. When configured for maximum cargo carrying capacity, the large cargo area accommodates four mountain bikes. It also provides plenty of luggage space even when the third-row seats are in use. The cargo area has a large-capacity underfloor compartment capable of holding various items such as a 9-inch golf bag.

"Feels easy"

Wide dual sliding side doors and the low step and floor height allow smooth, effortless ingress and egress. The big windows also provide excellent outward visibility to make driving easier.
The large opening of the dual sliding side doors combines with the low step height to facilitate easy entry and exit. The seatback of the third-row seats unlocks and simultaneously flips forward at the pull of a release strap. An assist spring is also provided to lighten the effort of folding up the seats to the side.
The electronically controlled power-assist shifter reduces shifting effort for improved driving ease.

Thanks to the large side windows, the road surface areas invisible to the driver at the front and along the sides of the car have been shortened.

"Fun to use"

The seats can be reconfigured in various seating patterns in simple, easy operations. In addition, the Serena comes with a wide variety of convenient features for more enjoyable travel, including a car interphone system and a rear-seat entertainment system comprising a wide 9-inch power liquid crystal display monitor and a DVD-video player for rear-seat passenger enjoyment.

The second-row seating system includes a multifunction center seat with a seatback that folds down for use as a table. Sliding the center seat forward in that condition also allows it to be used as a table by the front-seat occupants.

A "cool tray" in the instrument panel uses cooling air from the air-conditioning system to prevent cold drinks from becoming warm or chocolate from melting.
Dedicated microphones and speakers are installed in the front- and third-row seat areas to form a car interphone system that enables these seat occupants to enjoy smooth, two-way conversations.

Additional information on power and handling

Nissan's high-strength Zone Body, which is built on the C platform, achieves world-class safety performance.
A front strut suspension is combined with either a torsion beam rear suspension on 2WD models or a multi-link rear suspension on 4WD models to provide excellent handling and stability along with superb ride comfort.
Four-wheel disc brakes (ventilated discs at the front) are standard on all models for braking performance characterized by a feel of superior braking ease and peace of mind.

Safety and environmental friendliness

Standard safety features on all models include front-seat Active Head Restraints and dual SRS airbag systems for the driver and front passenger.

All Serena models are certified as ultra-low emission vehicles (U-LEVs)*1 because they emit 50% fewer exhaust emissions than the levels mandated by Japan's 2005 exhaust emission regulations. All models also qualify for tax reductions*2 under the Green Tax program in Japan by attaining the 2010 fuel economy standards plus an additional 5%.

  1. The low-emission vehicle certification system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was inaugurated in April 2000 to encourage the penetration of low-emission vehicles through their selection by ordinary consumers. Following the adoption of the 2005 new long-term exhaust emission regulations in September 2003, the system was revised in October of that year to establish two certification categories. U-LEV certification requires an additional 50% reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC) emissions from the levels mandated by the 2005 exhaust emission regulations and super ultra-low emission vehicle (SU-LEV) certification requires an additional 75% reduction of these exhaust gas constituents.
  2. For vehicles complying with the requirements of the Green Tax program, the automobile acquisition tax is reduced by 10,000 yen on personal-use vehicles that are newly registered by March 31, 2006, and for U-LEVs the automobile tax is reduced by 25% for one year beginning from the next fiscal year after a vehicle is registered. However, these tax reduction measures do not apply to Autech models because they require on-site registration at a vehicle inspection and registration office.

Source: Nissan

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