Liberty Walk Nissan GTR

In conjunction with Europa Auto Design, we are very proud to release the first official Liberty Walk Nissan GTR in Vancouver. Thanks to the amazing photos from Marcel Lech, we have another milestone written in our books.

2014 Liberty Walk Nissan GTR Front Angle

The car itself does not need much explanation as it is pretty self explanatory. What we will dwell into is the wide step lipped wheels resting perfectly under the new large extended fenders. The PUR LG01?s are finished with a matte black diamond face and a gloss chestnut brown lip. The play on tones flow with the signature Brembo orange to create some serious eye candy.

We would like to extend a special thank you for Europa Auto Design for allowing us to work with them on this fantastic project. Photos by Marcel Lech Wheels PUR LG01, 20×11, 20×12 | Matte Black Diamond Face, Gloss Chestnut Brown Lip Exterior Liberty Walk Widebody

Source: Liberty Walk

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