VATH Mercedes-Benz E500

The well known above the Hoesbach city limits near Aschaffenburg VAETH automobile and engine techniques company ennobles in the truest sense of the word, first of all cars coming from the Daimler Group, but this company also looks for to give old cars new life, with a lot of affection and love to details. With outposts in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Austria, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, a worldwide dealer net has appeared.

2015 VATH Mercedes-Benz E500 Front Angle

This time, the Hoesbach professionals have subjected a Mercedes-Benz E 500 to a VAETH in-house "cure". The V8 engine with 4,663 cm³ of capacity was equipped by a tuning kit named V50RS. The latter includes an individual engine electronics fine tuning, including Vmax increase, VAETH intercooler and VAETH axle back exhaust system. In the result, now 550 HP (= 404 kW) with 830 Nm of max. torque are in disposition – instead of the serial 408 HP (= 300 kW) – and, depending on tire release – a max speed of 300 kmph (185 mph). All this is available for 10,591.00 €. By the way, it must be mentioned that chip-tuning by VAETH is available already beginning at 1,890.00 €, in case of models with smaller engine, price starts already at 1,250.00 €.

The made of stainless steel axle back exhaust system valve command with two oval end pipes each on the right and left hand side in 115 x 85 mm with crimped edges is for 4.629,10 €. Furthermore, it is possible to install optionally a rear diffuser in sight carbon with fins and underbody extension for 2,011.10 €.

The AIRMATIC sports chassis allows a lowering in second damping stage in a sportive tight way or, if necessary, in the first damping stage in an appropriate comfortable way. The resulting of better cornering ability demand 1,166.20 €.

2015 VATH Mercedes-Benz E500 Rear Angle

It is a matter of course that in this speed range a high performance braking system is absolutely necessary: potted 390 mm brake discs on the front axle for 6-piston brake bodies, a highly efficient brake pads set, racing brake fluid Castrol SRF and steel flex brake tubes are offered for 5,355.00 €. (Attention: At least 19" rims with corresponding brake clearance on front axle necessary.)

In the actual case, there was mounted a three-parts VAETH forged wheel with titan colored star in 9x20 with 255/30R20 in front and in 10.5x20 with 295/25R20 on rear axle. The measure range of this kind of wheel goes from 8.5 to 11.0 x 20 inches costing between 1,485.00 € and 1,650.00 € per piece. By the way – rim stars are available optionally in desired color on extra charge.

Finally, the vehicle has been equipped by a trunk spoiler lip in sight carbon for 1,761.20 €. One can find accessories, like made of carbon interior, Alcantara headlining, sports steering wheel and aluminum pedals, also in the VAETH delivery program.

Source: VATH

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