Volvo PV4

Volvo's first saloon car, PV4, appeared in the summer of 1927 and an alternative 'Special' version was introduced the following year.

The bodywork of the PV4 was based on the Weymann principle, with an insulated wooden frame without wood-to-wood contact between the components and covered with artificial leather instead of steel. The seats could be converted into a comfortable bed for two people.

1927 Volvo PV4 Front Angle


  • Model: PV4
  • Variants: PV4 "A", PV4 "Special"
  • Produced: 694
  • Body: Saloon.
  • Engine: In-line, 4-cylinder with side valves; 1,944 cc; 75x110 mm; 28 bhp at 2,000 rpm.
  • Transmission: 3-speed, non-synchromesh

Source: Volvo

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