ABT Seat Tarraco


The SEAT Tarraco is a textbook example of a proud Spaniard: well-built and handsome, and with 190 horses (140 kW) under the hood, extremely vivacious. Despite its 1.8-tonne weight, it sprints from 0–62 mph in 8 seconds flat, yet its classy chassis remains unruffled, with nary a hint of understeer or oversteer, even in tight bends. This in turn gets your pulse racing for more drive and yet there is plenty more performance available, as the ABT Sportsline engineers ascertained. For this reason, the world's largest tuner of vehicles from the VW and Audi Group now offers the ABT Power performance upgrade for the top-selling automatic diesel. Thanks to the high-tech ABT Engine Control (AEC) it now delivers an enormous 220 hp (162 kW). At the same time, the maximum torque is increased from 400 to 440 Nm. With software that is adapted to the specific vehicle model, this product is also available for the Tarraco's similar-sized siblings, the VW Tiguan (Allspace) and Skoda Kodiaq. Of course Tarraco owners also get to make a visual statement to match the new-found fire underfoot.

2019-ABT-Seat-Tarraco-02 ABT Sportsline offers four different alloy wheels with which you can literally "put your best foot forward". The pictured vehicle is equipped with 21-inch ABT DR wheels, each with ten dynamically curved spokes that evoke turbine blades and perfectly emphasise the fiery nature of the powerful Spaniard. The diamond-machined rim well adds further spice and the deep hub area and mystic black finish lend an air of audacity. It's a difficult choice however, as the ER-C (19 or 20-inch), FR (20-inch) and GR(20-inch) each have their own individual appeal. In addition, the DR rim is also available in 19 and 20-inch sizes. Of course, you'll want the appropriate high-performance tyres. No problem: ABT Sportsline provides all of the above designs as complete wheels upon request, adding a touch of sportiness could not be simpler.

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